High Ticket Nation Review

Dylan Alarie begins the video with “I want to show you the absolute fastest way to $10K per month.” He definitely knows how to get people’s attention. I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn that much money in a short amount of time? Even though the video is two minutes long, it has already planted a seed in your mind. It will take a while for the interest to bloom. But once it does, you’re back on the same website and are about to click on the big gold button that says “Yes, show me how.”

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High Ticket Nation is basically an extension of the Affiliate Nation brand. Affiliate Nation was founded by Dylan Alarie, Jordon Rowse, David Trachsel, Michael Mossino and Justin Cartwright. Dylan seems to be the face of Affiliate Nation. The company is primarily focused on online marketing courses. They seem to have a lot of different courses and programs to offer. But a lot of it is focused on “high ticket” offers.

With a name like Affiliate Nation, you kind of assume that the company focuses on affiliate marketing. It’s a kind of marketing strategy where somebody promotes a product through a link that they share on social media. If you’ve ever seen an article from BuzzFeed that lists down 30 must-have products that you need for your home, they use affiliate marketing for that. There is often a disclaimer in those articles that they earn a commission for every purchase made through the links that they shared.

It doesn’t seem that Affiliate Nation focuses on those kinds of products. Because the products that usually gets featured on those BuzzFeed articles aren’t exactly that expensive. Depending on how many people buy the product through your link, you don’t really get that much from $25 makeup kit. That’s why they keep emphasizing the phrase “high ticket” in the sales pitch, because those kinds of products apparently give you a lot more money for every successful sale.

Dylan’s sales pitch for High Ticket Nation is basically this: They have an entire business that they want they to share with you. You don’t have to worry about setting up a shop, hiring people, finding products to sell, or any of the things required for an online business. Dylan’s team will handle it all for you. You don’t have to do a single thing except call them. They’re not asking you to do much except invest money into whatever the heck this opportunity is.

Even in the webinar that required you to input your e-mail address in order to access it, he doesn’t really say what exactly the high ticket offer is. As long as you make a sale, you get a commission worth $2,500. He mentions that a lot of people who’ve invested in this opportunity have already cashed in their cheques. And they’re earning five-digit figures a month from it.

In order to invest in the opportunity being offered, you have to schedule a call with the Affiliate Nation team. It’s surprising that there are still businesses online that do this. I mean, a lot of businesses have numbers you can call them. But a business that’s primarily online? It’s not the norm. You will have to call them because that’s the only way you can actually sign up for the opportunity.

It’s weird that they don’t mention what the opportunity entails upfront. I get that if people saw that you have to invest thousands of dollars into, they wouldn’t be too interested in it. But sometimes, you just need to know immediately if the opportunity is worth it. The video that they show on the website doesn’t really go into the details that much. They require you to call them.

The high ticket offer that they keep mentioning is actually a member’s only travel club called Unify Travel Club. It’s definitely a high ticket offer because you’re going to need a ticket to go to the places that they have on the website. It’s basically a travel club where you get discounted prices for a week-long vacation in numerous vacation spots around the world.

The thing that they offer doesn’t sound bad. People like to travel and they want to find ways to save money. And it’s possible that Unify Travel Club will help you with that. But the problem I really have is that you only get commissions if somebody buys a subscription or whatever Unify Travel Club offers. You don’t really own the business. You just gave money to Dylan and his team to do all the work for you. But when the business goes under, you don’t really have any income stream anymore.

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