Six Figure Landlord Review (Dallas Hileman)

Dallas Hileman

Dallas Hileman suggests that you can retire in ten years or less with real estate… Just like he did. Although, just like the average peeps, he thought he’d stay in the typical American rat race until his sixties. But then, he found a way out, worked his magic, and retired three years later at age twenty eight. How he did it, he’ll reveal in his Six Figure Landlord course. Review below.

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If you pay attention to its name, you’ll already know that this is something about multifamily investment and rental properties. It says “landlord” right there, duh! Yet their website somehow does the opposite and tries to be vague about it. In what seems to be an attempt to make the opportunity look brand new, they only mention it as real estate investment.

Not the end of the world, I s’pose. Becoming a six figure landlord is still the end goal, but even Dallas himself understands that not everyone is in a position to buy their first rental property right away. So, who knows, he might suggest other real estate biz other than multifamily investment to get ya to the point where you can become a landlord.

This awareness is what actually led him to create the five phases of freedom. He says you gotta move on from the first two phases, debt freedom and emergency freedom in particular, before thinking of getting a rental property that’ll push you to getting over the remaining three. The remaining ones being rent freedom, financial freedom, and lifestyle freedom.

The phases are pretty self-explanatory. The first two means you’re debt-free and have emergency funds as preparation for unexpected bumps ahead. Next is rent freedom which means having a cash flowing asset [rental property for example] that covers the cost of your housing. 

Then, financial freedom is having enough passive income to cover your basic expenses. The point where you can retire, and still have the means to live just fine. Not a bad retirement, but not a really good one either. Once you’re retired AND living your dream life, that’s lifestyle freedom.

The promise here is enjoying lifestyle freedom as a six-figure landlord. Yuuup, Dallas is a big fan of real estate. “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate,” he says, quoting the famous Andrew Carnegie. He then followed it with an assurance, “With my help, you’ll be adding to that statistic.”

That quote is pretty much outdated now, so don’t make a business decision using it. Just a friendly reminder for y’all to do research beyond following a famous person and their quotes like a mindless sheep. Like, okay, Andrew is a cool, loaded fella, but he’s already six feet under since 1919. What worked for them before might not work for you now, get it? 

Dallas even acknowledged the fact that everyone has a unique financial situation. Which is why, besides the video lectures and action-based workbooks, he also has a personalized mentorship in Six Figure Landlord. It includes access to his Facebook community, his email, and one-on-one Zoom calls.

The price of the Six Figure Landlord course? Dallas mentions it’ll be a one time payment for lifetime access, but he didn’t disclose any figure. Presumably, it’s on the expensive side, around $10k or so to cover the enrollment cost of Six Figure Landlord. Whatever it is, he assures that it’ll pay for itself in no time. Oh word?

NGL, my hopes are down the moment he says that everything requires taking a leap of faith, including signing up for his course. Because it really requires you to take one as this dude doesn’t have much social proof to prove his expertise. This is enough reason for me to not recommend the course.

Six Figure Landlord Review

My point is, he has no experience relevant to real estate ops unless you include his stint as a sales manager. Being alive and well after working seven and a half years in the sales industry is pretty impressive, alright. But it’s not the only thing I want to see on a real estate mentor’s résumé. It’s lacking, and I want moaar.

In addition, the course doesn’t have any  reviews on other sites either. Then, on the course’s website, reviews are too few to be acceptable too. Photos of students are so blurry, you can count the pixels by hand. Are these stock photos? I’m really intrigued… Oh wait, did a co-founder write a review too?

That’s right, Greg Hutchins, co-founder and CCO of Six Figure Landlord, includes his typo-riddled review under their “What do my students say?” section. He could be a student-turned-executive, but I doubt it when he and Dallas are co-workers and fellow BYU alumni. Gotta pump those review numbers, I guess?

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