Fast Start Side Hustle Review (Adam Holland)

Adam Holland

Adam Holland is not happy with the reviews posted about his Fast Start Side Hustle program. It’s the primary reason why he posted a response video on a fresh YouTube channel named after the program. He wants to set the record straight and shut down the so-called haters of his program. Unfortunately for him, it seems like the “haters” aka reviewers have valid reason to be skeptical of his program. I’ll also review the program below.

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First of all, Adam should’ve stayed classy in this whole ordeal. Being petty and leaving passive aggressive text in his response video doesn’t do him any favors at all. Y’know, doing his best Karen impression by getting his panties (or briefs) in a bunch for no f*cking reason. I’ve seen the review he’s referring to, and the reviewer who wrote it was never a prick at all. Updated his post to censor whatever struck Adam’s nerve (the other programs he’s getting associated with) and even acknowledged the hot-headed marketer for reaching out and being a “good” dude.

Still, Adam hasn’t returned the favor with the unnecessary side note dragging reviewers with affiliate links and calling them nothing more than “leaches.” And yes, dude is probably fuming while writing that description to misspell the word leeches. The latter word pertaining to a parasite makes more sense than the other which means to drain, anyway.

Regardless, he’s like Alex Smale, but with more hair in his head (not that a receding hairline of his is any better than Alex’s bald). Also, the audacity of this man to equate negative information to misinformation too. Nah dude, it’s not a lie just because you don’t want to hear it yourself. You know what they say, the truth could be a hard pill to swallow.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Nothing personal here, it’s just me doing my job like the one he’s beefing with. What he does, I report. And I think this lowkey crass behavior of his, probably his defense mechanism to deflect criticism, is worth noting. To me, having affiliate links or not, his program is still really sus regardless. 

Sure, he mentioned not being associated anymore (aka he had association before) with absolute scams like The Warrior Blueprint and Secret Success Machine, but the similarity of the mentioned programs to his Fast Start Side Hustle is still there – The pricing scheme, the testimonials he recycled from it before, and random ass training, in digital form now instead of PLR, as products. Being similar with scams would obviously get you skepticism, rightfully so.

With that being said, let’s start talking about what Fast Start Side Hustle program is all about. The product Adam is selling here, the e-learning materials, comes in two forms: Business and Mindset Mastery and Wealth Generation Mastery. Business and Mindset Mastery includes mindset, setting up your corp, and marketing training. On the other hand, Wealth Generation Mastery is about various business models like real estate, cryptocurrency mining, and Forex trading. The scope of your training depends on the tier and package you’re buying. Did I just say tier?

If you’re in the know just like me, you know that paying for tiers is easily giving MLM vibes. Adam decides to sway from that term and call his biz a high ticket affiliate program instead. Riiight. No sh*t, it’s closer to a hybrid Done For You MLM than affiliate marketing. The gist of it is you’ll earn commissions, with the amount based on your chosen package, from sales that are funded by you.

Fast Start Side Hustle Review

So, aside from paying the package price of Fast Start Side Hustle at $1,199 for Bronze package up to $21,999 for Royal package, you’ll also pay for a “marketing coop” fee ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 (the more investment, the better) every three to five weeks. After that, they’ll do everything for you like driving traffic to your “affiliate” link and closing the deal for you. No need to learn the ins and out of affiliate marketing apparently.

The steep price for the packages and DFY marketing is unusual for affiliate programs. Affiliate programs exist for companies to get promoted by peeps who are only paid if they deliver results (aka sales). Common sense that you don’t pay these companies a premium to be able to work with them, maybe a minuscule fee for the affiliate training, but it’s usually zero.

Simply put, you don’t pay Adam and Fast Start Side Hustle to work for them as an affiliate. You pay that as someone getting sucked into scummy MLMs. Whatever Adam calls his program, the point is his program is undeniably scummy af. Not trusting him to put that marketing coop fee into good use either. Like, why would he set up an affiliate program if they’re the ones doing the job of affiliate marketers themselves? Oh wait, it’s probably to suck your wallets dry without any repercussions if he and his team can’t bring you commissions. Ugh.

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