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Joe Homebuyer Review (Real Estate Franchise)

Real Estate Franchise

Joe Homebuyer says that they don’t only offer bucks, but also solutions. More than a quick cash, they say. Although, I should say that quick cash is sometimes enough for a distressed homeowner who needs it now. I guess, good for Joe Homebuyer for trying to be better than just enough. However, the business opportunity here is not about them buying your house, but about their real estate franchise for you. Deets about it below.

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According to the company’s CEO Mark Stubler, Joe Homebuyer is the nation’s leading homebuyer franchise. Like what they display on their website, Mark once again mentions that they’re all for creative real estate solutions rather than just cash. “We’re out in the marketplace providing real service to real families in need,” he adds.

They just can’t help themselves, but hype their sh*t up as always. Like, alright, I don’t blame ‘em if that’s how they roll. Love oneself, I guess? Or maybe, the A+ rating on BBB of their main thang in AZ got in their heads? They say they’re good, but my very own eyes saw some harsh feedback that says otherwise. Uh-huh.

But before I spill the tea regarding those feedbacks, lemme explain how their franchising offer works. IMO, there’s no better way to do it other than to describe how Joe Homebuyer operates as a, ahem, homebuyer. Afterall, it’s what they’ll make you emulate as their franchisee.

As their name suggests, Joe Homebuyer buys homes. But unlike the usual buyers, they’ll buy your house as-is. Means there’s no need for sellers to do repairs, do cleaning, shoulder hidden fees, that kind of stuff. What remains for the home sellers to do is wait for the company’s cash offer, and agree to it [or not]. Once they agree, closing the sale can be as fast as one week.

So, long story short, the promise here is that the transaction is fast, hassle-free, and trusted. They say that they pay fair prices… that they’re direct buyers that remove real estate agents out of the equation [bye-bye agent’s commissions that meant less cash for sellers], and they won’t make an offer that they can’t close swiftly.

That being said, I should say once again that purchasing a real estate franchise from Joe Homebuyer means doing real estate stuff their way. Besides letting their franchisees use their branding and marketing strategies, they’ll also guide how they provide real estate solutions by buying, fixing, and wholesaling homes. 

To add, they’ll also share how to get some discounted rental property under their franchisee’s name without pulling cash outta their pocket… Wait, I’ve heard this one already before. Is this about getting other people’s money [or OPM for short], perhaps? I bet it is.

Now, here’s why I’ll be wary of being involved with ‘em. Only got two reviews on their Dallas ops and worse, it’s both negative. One named Kymberlee mentions her worry about getting screwed over the remaining payments. Probably sweating bullets while writing her review as Joe Homebuyer won’t respond to her inquiry on when they’ll send her remaining money.

Joe Homebuyer Review

Then, there’s Sonya that straight up says that Joe Homebuyer is s-h-a-d-y. Why, she caught ‘em marketing other people’s listings without permission. In her own words, Joe Homebuyer is “trying to pawn off the listings as their own.”  That’s really a bad look, NGL. I see why they unnecessarily hate on real estate agents now. They don’t want to give any credits to anyone, but themselves.

Would you like to essentially become as shady as them? I hope not. That’s why I won’t recommend Joe Homebuyer and their offer. Not only it’s sus as hell, the cost of purchasing a real estate franchise from them is also too goddamn expensive. Specifically, the price of Joe Homebuyer’s offer is $30k, and that’s not even including the total investment, the working capital, and the royalty fee.

In addition, I’m not going to recommend any traditional real estate biz, especially not in today’s shaky housing market. Now is NOT the time to get greedy as demand for residential properties slumps while interest rates rise. Not the best combination for wholesalers and flippers who are already losing out on their investments. I swear, you don’t wanna be one of ‘em losers.

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