The Arbitrage Accelerated Program Review (Max Horenstein)

Max Horenstein

Max Horenstein is The Airbnb Coach. No, really, that’s his Twitter handle and he’s teaching all things Airbnb [and other real estate stuff] in The Arbitrage Accelerated Program. In the program’s website, he mentions how he used the exact system [in the program] to go from zero to over thirty k a month on Airbnb. All while working only five hours a week. Prolly he has helpers to maintain his units unless there’s some Encanto sh*t going on.

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Yeah, no, the house is not fookin’ alive to clean itself like in the said animated movie. Sadly, there’s no such thing as Casa Madrigal in real life. Regardless, the point here is, dude is likely outsourcing handyman and cleaner’s work here given the little hours of work he’s doing weekly. It’s something to keep in mind as outsourcing can be too pricey for a newbie. Or if it isn’t required at the start, don’t expect to have a minimal workload like him.

Anyway, he continues by revealing what he’s doing before getting this thirty k:  Selling roofs. And he meant it literally as he’s an outside sales rep [read: door-to-door salesman] for Bluebird Roofing. He claims to have sold two million dollars’ worth of roofs for the said company. Which is why he commends himself for being good at sales and somehow, being good at generating quality leads.

Obviously, he shifted gears, moved on to bigger and better things [or so he says], and started teaching peeps how to start, scale, and automate their very own Airbnb businesses. Now, he’s telling us that he’s able to generate a lotta money [$30k a month, ‘member?]  on Airbnb without owning a single property.

He boldly claims, “Everything the real estate gurus have told you about building passive income is a lie.” As if he’s not a guru himself, pfft. According to him, you don’t need to wholesale, flip houses, or do whatever pricier traditional real estate biz where you have to save up to invest and then wait two, three years to get ROI [if there’s any].

Instead, you do Airbnb arbitrage. Y’know, subletting someone else’s property that you lease long-term in Airbnb to make a profit. Of course, it’s easier said than done. You can’t expect the landlord of the property to be just okay with it. Laws on short term rentals don’t play either.

Regardless, here’s how Max and his team help if you join The Arbitrage Accelerated program. First, they’ll take eighty percent of the work off your plate by having his internal research team do all the market research for you. Which includes finding a suitable property to list on Airbnb.

Then, they’ll give you the exact scripts, templates, and frameworks that their clients are using “to have landlords begging them to rent their properties from them and put them on Airbnb.” Nah, no number of scripts would have landlords do that unless they’ll pull a pocket watch and start swinging like Alakazam.

Lastly, they’ll copy and paste the exact automation tools, processes, and systems that their team has used to allow you to only have to work five, ten hours a week on the biz. Because the guests and properties won’t maintain themselves, obviously. Just the good ‘ol pricey outsourcing, I betcha.

The Arbitrage Accelerated Program Review

In the sales pitch, Max mentions that they’ll work with you one-on-one for the next ninety days. If you don’t get your first unit within that time period [t’is a hint how getting a landlord’s approval is difficult BTW], they’ll either continue working with you for free or they’ll give you a full refund. Your choice.

But then, they have lots of requirements for you before they grant your choice of “satisfaction guarantee”. AFAIK, there’s no loophole in the terms in which they can just downright refuse to refund you, but keep in mind that you still have to do all the bits that follows:  Attend and ask a question in at least twelve group coaching calls, participate in six one-on-one coaching calls, and call all their provided leads, at least forty leads called in total.

Max doesn’t mention the price of joining The Arbitrage Accelerated Program, but I assume it’s around fifteen, seventeen k. Personally, I’m not going to pay that much to learn Airbnb arbitrage. Simply put, it’s not really that good of a biz profit and ethics-wise. Won’t pay Max a single dime too with the way he talks like a conspiracy theorist about how mainstream society wanting us to fail financially while ALSO d*ckriding the likes of Grant Cardone and Elon Musk. Pick a struggle, dude.

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