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Alex Hormozi, with his awesome mustache and even more awesome body build, surely invokes the image of a person who’s a total health buff that goes to the gym almost daily. He credits this to his determination and tenacity to better himself everyday. True enough, his obsession for self-improvement has carried over to his business ventures, and is the reason that his own net worth has increased dramatically in recent years. And he attributes this to his mindset that he needs to constantly acquire various skills related to growing and managing a business.

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At an early age, it’s already apparent that he’s constantly striving to better himself day-by-day. When he was a teenager, he was already obsessed with fitness. His own mindset is apparently his driving force throughout high school and college. And this earned him a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University. And soon afterward, he started his own gym. However, he set it up in one of the most competitive locations in the United States. Needless to say, this is where it gets rough.

During the first launch of his gym, he’s not really earning as much. It could be due to several factors, but it’s apparent that it’s not working well for him. Alex can’t even pay enough for his rent, so he ends up sleeping on the floor of his gym. Nevertheless, he’s not about to give up, so he studied a lot on how to run a business properly, as well as various strategies for marketing. This is where his belief that you should invest in information comes into play. Books, courses, coaching, consultations, masterminds, the usual stuff. Alex has done them all.

And thanks to his hard work, it eventually paid off. With newfound knowledge and expertise in online marketing, Alex Hormozi has grown his gym business from almost earning nothing, to earning around $10,000 extra per month. But it doesn’t stop there. While most of the gyms in his area are closing down (most likely due to the pandemic, but it could be from other factors), Alex’s is still going strong. In fact, he even bought the facilities that those closed gyms once took and used them to augment his own. Thanks to his knowledge in business scaling, he was able to convert one struggling gym and expanded it to have six facilities in all.

But it doesn’t stop there. Eventually, Alex has moved to other business ventures as a way to add to his income stream. With the help of his eventual wife, Lelia, they created Gym Launch, a company that assists gym owners in developing immensely profitable gyms. Using the knowledge he gained in starting and scaling his own gym to six figures worth of income, his aim now is to help other people who also wanted to do the same for their own gym. It reached a revenue of $24 million without outside capital, and they even achieved that almost as soon as the company was founded.

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Aside from Gym Launch, he has also founded other companies in the health and wellness niche. He has founded Prestige Labs, a company that specializes in providing various health supplements, and a project was also born from that venture, Done For You Meals (D.F.Y.M). He has also developed A.L.A.N, a SaaS business that guides gyms, law firms, dentists, and chiropractors as they expand their companies. Finally, he’s also founded, which is basically the culmination of his years of training and expertise in scaling his own business. is where you can have an opportunity to work with Alex himself as he helps you scale your own business, no matter what it is. There are also plenty of educational materials provided, like online courses, books, etc.

All of this is a result of Alex’s hard work and determination. While it may sound a bit cliché, it actually is. Hard work and determination are just the beginning of it all. You also need to take things one step at a time, and don’t rush things. Moreover, it’s also important to keep on educating yourself, and open yourself up always to new information and possibilities. Don’t say that you’ve reached the limit of what you can learn. Life is always a neverending learning process. And thanks to this mindset, Alex has now risen from a broke-ass person to a successful author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and millionaire CEO of Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N. His current net worth isn’t really clear, but based on his current business ventures, it’s safe to say that his is approximately $15 million a year. Which, from his own words, is “ultra high”

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