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Jennifer Houghton Net Worth

There are a lot of popular Instagram accounts that exist in their own nice spaces on the platform. You’d be amazed by how many accounts on their rack up a few hundred thousand or so follower counts. You name a niche, there’s probably an account that a lot of people follow. In some such cases, interior design are one of the more popular categories on the platform. I mean, who doesn’t like to feel like their room is inadequate after seeing other people’s carefully curated rooms? There is this one account I came across after she was suggested by a cast member for a show that I watched. I went through their feed and, holy shit. That is a lot. So what exactly is Jennifer Houghton’s deal?

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As you go through the Instagram feed for her account, dubbed Turtle Creek Lane, you can see that she really goes all out on decorating. That makes sense, I guess. She and her husband Steve own a huge mansion that’s big enough to fit her five kids and a few grandkids. I’m not really surprised at their lavish lifestyle. Steve is the chairman and CEO of an investment firm and a former co-founder of a payments solution and processing firm. They are rich. It feels like they can afford to spend so much money on decorations without making that much of a dent on their savings.

There isn’t a lot of information about Jennifer Houghton’s humble beginnings. She was born in Bountiful, Utah. Seems like a nice coincidence, considering her lifestyle. She went to Brigham Young University where she earned a degree in English. She and Steve have been married for about 35 years. They have five children whose names I won’t mention. But they’re consistently featured in a lot of her posts, usually helping her out with decorating the household.

Because of her specific taste in style, a few talk shows have taken notice of it, especially The Kelly Clarkson Show. In a segment the show uploaded, Jennifer helped design a family’s house that meshed the vibes of autumn with the spookiness of Halloween. The design was a lot more subdued compared to her Texas mansion. But there’s still so much decorations involved with her design. I can’t imagine how many boxes upon boxes upon boxes you’ll need to store all of them. And that’s a problem that people with smaller homes have to contend with. Someone like Jennifer, who has a net worth of almost $2,000,000, can keep all of those decorations in storage because she probably has a storage facility near her house.

Aside from affiliate links that she regularly includes in her Instagram Stories, she also has a website that sells decorations for different occasions and every day use. There aren’t a lot available at the moment, it’s mainly just Easter decorations. And that already happened a few weeks ago. Somehow, Jennifer also sells a guide to healthy living. I’m not sure she’s actually qualified to do such things. If you were concerned about your health with regards to maintaining a healthy diet, please go to a licensed nutritionist. They’re more equipped to answer your questions more than somebody who decorates the heck out of their mansion.

I’ve got to say that her whole vibe isn’t really for me. As overwhelming her taste in interior design is, I just don’t particularly care for it. But almost 800 thousand people follow her online. She’ll manage just fine without me. There’s so much stuff in her designs. It’s really hard to take it most of the time. And she does this for every holiday that has appropriate designs?!

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