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Free House Formula Review (Cody Sperber)

Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber is quick to defend his Free House Formula course in a real estate forum. He says that he’s not like the typical gurus “pitching lame products online” and the contracts included in the mentioned course alone makes it worth the buy. He could’ve stopped there, but he chose to be petty and suggested getting advice from the guy who triggered his tirade. “Call Michael Carbonare here every time you have a question… I’m sure he knows a ton about making 10’s of millions,” he says.

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Cody continues the sarcastic response by highlighting the difference between him, a guy known for being THE Clever Investor, and the relatively no-name guy whose surname reminds me of my favorite pasta dish. Anyway, below is Cody’s reply that aims to show that he’s the real deal in real estate.

“I’m just over here running a development company (Green Elephant Development), a wholesaling company (Sell Quick For Cash), an education Company (Clever Investor), another education company (100 Million Academy), 2 high level masterminds (Avengers for REI Investors and 100 Million Mastermind Experience for entrepreneurs), and a supplement company (Osnap).”

Cody has no chill and it shows. He’s not letting a guy who calls his Free House Formula course an upsell funnel from the get-go and without buying the course get away… not without hearing a piece of his mind, at least. Quite expected from Cody who probably got mocked a lot before for having a pair of satellite dishes as ears. And I think he really thought that he did something by flexing his “multi-million” worth of programs. But nah, turns out Mister Michael Carbonare is right all along.

But first, let me tell you the premise of this Free House Formula. From the course’s site, the said formula is simply three creative strategies that give solutions to other people’s problems. The problem being a sticky housing situation that people want to get out of. And by being a problem solver, you’ll get a profit (or free houses as Cody calls it) in return.

The three strategies, deal structures in particular, are named as follows: Bank Bypass, Mortgage Magic, and Money Merger. These strategies, which I should say wholesaling and flipping houses with a twist, are the main attraction of the Free Houses Formula course. But it’s not all about that alone, you’ll also get access to fill-in-the-blanks contracts (that Cody mentioned earlier), a video to explain the three strategies, free one-on-one consultation, and 30-day trial to Cody’s Clever Investor Pro.

How much does the Free House Formula cost, then? For the six-module core training plus bonuses, Free House Formula asking price is $97. Not that bad until you realized the thing where Michael was right – that Free House Formula is just the start of an upsell funnel.  The cost of the upsells like Cody’s 6-month mentoring can go as high as $39k. Ridiculous, I know.

Free House Formula Review

To make the matters worse, Cody and his team will push you to buy the said pricier upsells quite aggressively. A lot of reviews have mentioned these predatory sales tactics plus more. For example, a complaint in BBB mentioned that he was “rushed, pressured, and felt bullied again without time to think on it” on buying a pricier upsell by Cody’s salesperson. They also didn’t care about his stress of losing his job that time. As a matter of fact, they took advantage of it. He closed his remarks by saying the following:

“This company condones pressuring and preying on people who are having a hard time and are down on their luck, especially trying to get them to use their 401k and or max out their credit card.”

Aside from their pushy sales behavior, they are also called out for unwarranted charges. This time, we’re talking about the subscription to his Clever Investor Pro. Once the free trial of it is over, you’ll get automatically charged $97 a month on your credit card. The consensus here is that people are caught off guard with such charges and they want a refund. This is because Cody is deliberately not making it clear that it auto-renews.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend this Free House Formula course by Cody. Save yourself from the hassle of getting pressured to buy pricier upsell. And maybe, look at a business model that’s flat out better in terms of risk and capital requirement than real estate. Y’know, something like its digital counterpart. Whaddya think?

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