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Hugh Print System Review (Hugh Jones)

Hugh Jones

Color me surprised when Hugh Jones’ HughPrint Systems is not about Print-On-Demand (or POD for short) businesses. Instead, it’s about apartments! Or as suggested by the website’s initial greeting, HughPrint Systems is all about “coaching and courses that are specifically designed to help you purchase, raise private money, and manage apartment complexes.” If you want to know more about the program, consider reading my no-holds-barred review below.

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Create wealth, live the life you were born to live, and enjoy life. These are the only texts in HughPrint Systems’ homepage besides the initial greeting. All are accompanied by some random ass picture of Hugh, his alleged girlfriend [don’t know how she’s relevant here in the first place], and what seems to be their charter plane. Such a weird flex considering that the dude doesn’t bother to hire a writer to fill him— I mean, his homepage— with some needed content.

No, but seriously, the homepage is too barebones, too outdated looking. Not what you’ll expect from a dude implying he’s flying private. It’s making me question the legitimacy of his coaching offers right off the bat, y’know. And he got no excuse for being old school, I don’t think  he’s old enough to not care about online stuff.

Anyhow, let’s start talking about what HughPrint Systems has to offer. Starting with the cheapest option [that is, if you’ll only pay for one month] in Jones Inner Circle Membership. Here, you’ll get a live conference bi-monthly, a newsletter monthly, a flash drive with video content [so 2000s], and unlimited email support. This HughPrint Systems’ subscription-based offer costs $497 monthly.

Second “cheapest” is My Blue Print [not a typo BTW] Program for Renovating and Estimating for BIG PROFITS priced at $997. It’s a two-hour video training with Hugh and some random dude who apparently has built 300 houses and managed over 1500 projects. Comes with a manual [so 2000s x2] that includes guides on how to estimate repair costs, how to work with contractors, and the likes.

Then, there’s My Private Money Blue Print that’ll outline different strategies in raising all the private money [read: Other People’s Money] you’ll ever need… and that’s it, that concludes the description written on the sales page. Just one vague sentence to describe a rather expensive course at $2,997. What Hugh doin’?

Fortunately, issa different story when it comes to Jones Apartment Acquisition System. To date, this is the only offer, unless you count the subscription one, where Hugh has provided sufficient deets. Only took the priciest course [Jones Apartment Acquisition System costs $3,600] for the dude to meet the bare minimum. Hugh-ray!

Sarcasm and bad puns aside, here’s the interesting bits about the said course. Mentioned as a nine-week, step-by-step curriculum course, Jones Apartment Acquisition System is created to help individuals acquire multifamily properties while eliminating overwhelm and distraction. “The only course of it’s [his mistake, not mine] kind on the market today,” they say. I disagree as there are obviously lots of similar multifamily investment courses out there, but let’s carry the hell on….

Hugh Print System Review

The modules that’ll be covered here one-by-one for the first five weeks are titled as follows: The Jones Methodology [the foundation involving creating a detailed game plan], Best Markets and Buying Phases of the Market Cycle, Building the A Team, Analyzing Deals Made Easy [discussion on three important documents namely P and L, the Trailing 12, and the Rent Roll], and How To Raising Private Money.

The rest of the modules are as follows: Creating Your Deal Funnel [create marketing campaigns to get motivated sellers], Networking Secrets [alternative methods for raising private money, likely involves kissing the boots of wealthy investors to get favors] , Due Diligence, and Managing For Profits [discussion on what reports you should be asking to maximize cash flow].

With that said, I won’t recommend Jones Apartment Acquisition System or any of the courses under HughPrint Systems. Besides the sorry state of the website that houses ‘em coaching offers, I’ve never seen feedback about them besides bad ones. Aside from the comment on how HughPrint Systems is a total waste of money, there’s also an anecdote that details how Hugh is reluctant in providing more info when asked about it. A big, or should I say Hugh-ge, red flag IMHO. Hard pass!

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