Ryan Humiston Review (Workout Plan That You Need)

Ryan Humiston

Ryan Humiston is a popular fitness influencer on YouTube. Numbers-wise, his 1.44 million followers and over 144 million views at the time of writing is nothing to scoff at. And the already impressive numbers will grow some more soon unless Ryan pulls a James Charles. Doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t, what I’m after today is finding out whether Ryan’s programs are scam or legit. Hence, I got a review about him below.

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I know lots of readers here are looking for ways to make a living. I mean, that’s the chunk of our content, courses with money-making opportunities, so I’m not surprised a bit that y’all like that. That’s why I’ll say this disclaimer right away: Ryan is not suggesting any biz related to fitness and bodybuilding at all. 

Like, alright, he’s surely getting his monies out of fitness content. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna teach y’all how to follow his footsteps. He’s not like Tanner Chidester. You can get inspired by him to become, what, fitness influencer, but his programs are literally just workout training plans. Building ‘em muscles, not (necessarily) fortune. Understood?

Now I’ve cleared that one up, let’s proceed with briefly discussing who the heck he is. Besides the obvious fact that he’s a fitness influencer, of course. Upon crawling the web, I’m actually surprised to find out that Ryan offered courses on digital marketing before. Around five years ago, probably. T’was the time when he’s not yet juiced up to the bloody gills.

Not that he’s unrecognizable, but you can really see the difference in his face and voice from his digital marketing days to now. He has a better (in terms of bodybuilding standards) chiseled physique now, but all that ‘roids and reps must’ve aged his looks like a goddamn milk. Not that he’s ugly, he just looks… rougher, IYKWIM. Just a fair warning to anyone wanting to keep their baby face, I guess?

‘Nyway, his stint on digital marketing is quite evident on how he put up content on YouTube. In a not-so–good way, though. The thing is, his approach of improving his SEO is by putting up clickbait titles. And oh, he’s also churning bajillion versions of workout methods for the sake of introducing something new, unique, and complex. There’s no need for complicating matters when a simple one is more than enough, y’know.

But hey, at least he’s not going all in with the clickbait. He’ll lure you in with what y’all probably want to hear. Then, he’ll clarify what he actually meant to dismiss any too-good-to-be-true thoughts y’all had in mind. Thought he had a shortcut to getting ‘em big and beefy pecs? He himself will point out that it’ll actually take lots of hard work to get such gains.

He has his flaws, but he’s not THAT evil. His programs are definitely legit too. Legit as in you’ll get your expected product in return once you bought it. I mean, it better be since all the programs under his brand, Ryan Humiston, only cost $19.99 each. All with detailed instructions on what reps you’ll do for thirty days.

Ryan Humiston Review

Having said that, would I recommend any of his fitness programs, er, workout plans? That’d be a fat NO for me. My reason? It’s my dislike of his training approach. His high reps program be like pushing ya to your absolute limits. Would be probably fine to someone as enhanced and juiced up as him, but it could be borderline dangerous for the majority of natty peeps out there.

To add, the reps he’s suggesting are already intense right from the get go. Forget ‘bout progressive overload to get your (probably natty) body acquainted, you must go hard at the very start or bust. Obviously, that sh*t could be hella dangerous too. C’mon Ryan, are the ‘roids making ya forget that slow and steady wins the race? Oh wait, he’s probably taking “no pain, no gain” quite literally.

Hard work and resilience is alright, but only to a certain extent. If keeping up with both means you’re putting yourself into danger, then it’s no good anymore. Again, his training just screams health hazards for the not-so-forgiving natty body. So, the bottomline here is his intense approach just ain’t it. A bit irresponsible for him to push this when his audience are likely beginners. From ripped to RIP, f*ck that.

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