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Humza Zafar Course Reviews

Humza Zafar

Humza Zafar shares how his Airbnb biz replaced his full-time career. He started out with zero units, zero industry experience, and zero revenue— only the will to grow his income and learn. Eighteen months later, the biz goes from zero to over $450k in monthly revenue. Too easy?  No, not really. He made costly mistakes, and now he encourages you to not commit the same by following his exact processes he’ll show in his courses.

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Since I personally found this interesting, here’s a brief story on how he started it all. First thing he did to secure a unit was to do cold-calls and emails. “Cold-calling, emailing,” he repeats several times like issa chant while making hotline bling signals with his hands. It took him some time, but it did work. He got a unit to sublease.

What he did with the said unit is rent each room of it separately, one-by-one. He and his wife manage everything themselves, from cleaning to fixing stuff that needs fixing. That allows a couple Gs in profits every month. This whole rental arbitrage thang is promising, but he still needs to figure out how to scale and automate it.

He eventually figured it all out. Of course, he did. And he realized that all you need to know is the following:  how to perform market research and find your ideal units; what to say to landlords and property owners; how to negotiate well; how to operate your business efficiently; and how to automate your business processes.

That’s the “secret” right there. Obviously, knowing what you need to know doesn’t mean you’ll easily get the actual info on it. You can figure it alone by trial-and-error, although, again, it could be costly if ya messed up. He’s speaking from experience… been there, done that typa sh*t.

Alternatively, you can also purchase his courses (The Airbnb Accelerator) where he laid out everything you need to know. No need to guess what to do next as he’ll reveal his exact processes step-by-step. To him, this is perfect for anyone who wants to jumpstart their Airbnb biz. “If you value your time, it’s worth it,” he adds.

I mean, he wouldn’t say otherwise, right? Although, at least, he’s not shamelessly pushing peeps into a debt spiral just to buy his stuff unlike other gurus. T’is only for lads with extra wads of cash as implied by his use of the term “disposable income” to describe his target clients. Also hints at the expensive pricing of his courses. Not that I agree with it, I really don’t, but I gotta commend his frankness.

Before I reveal the pricing, I’ll go over what you should expect on his courses. For the essential version, it includes the following: Twelve hours of course content on how to start, automate, and scale your seven-figure Airbnb biz; access to a private Facebook and Discord community; relevant cheat sheets, templates, and scripts; access to live VA interview and six additional hours of Q and A video; and access to Global Airdna tool.

The Essential version of Humza Zafar course that I listed above cost $4k. The “cheapest” course ain’t that really cheap. In fact, I found this too pricey already. Then, there’s still the Blitz Scaling version at $6,999 where you get everything from Essential plus direct help from Humza and his team on pricing strategy, landlord negotiation, and operation structure setup.

Humza Zafar Course Reviews

Finally, there’s the premium mentorship at a whopping $17,499 where, besides getting everything from the Essential and Scaling Blitz version, you’ll also get weekly Zoom calls, six-week direct mentorship from Humza (duh!), and a chance to shadow him on his next launch and learn behind the scenes. Pretty standard mentorship, but damn, the cost of it is just too much IMHO. No refunds too!

The expensive pricing is enough reason for me to not recommend any of Humza Zafar courses. Not worth paying that much for convenience and extra hand-holding when learning for free is always a viable option. That’s what experienced Airbnb hosts outside the guru space would always tell ya.

Besides, all these training and scripts won’t really help you in getting a landlord agree with the needed setup in rental arbitrage. It’s a tough ask since they’d either do it themselves once you told ‘em about it, or they’d play it safe to avoid dealing with unruly guests (e.g. scat couples literally sh*tting all over the property). They might also want to avoid complications with authorities since lots of states have banned this. Pass!

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