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Hungry Machine Review (Amazon Automation Drama)

Amazon Automation Drama

Hungry Machine is not only hungry to grow your e-commerce store. They’re also hungry— starving, even— for some feedback and reviews. Not only that, they’re also in dire need of writers who can at least finish a single, coherent sentence. What I mean is, they need someone who can do better than writing “We specialize is building and m” in their Facebook bio. This full service digital marketing e-commerce agency better be serious.  More on this Amazon automation drama below.

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Here’s the thing. Y’all probably know how I highly value attention to detail. Despite that, I could give some programs a pass for their minor lapses. Gonna let it slide when it’s just a tiny speck of imperfection that’s barely significant in the grand scheme of things. But no, I won’t give Hungry Machine a pass… Not with the  kind of mess they made. 

There are only three updates Hungry Machine has made on their Facebook page since its inception last year. Only three! Their business hours, their website address, their sh*tty bio I mentioned above, and that’s it. Yet they still badly f*cked up on the latter. Grammar mistakes aside, what do they mean with “m”? Marketing? Managing? M-m-machine?

Machine doesn’t make sense there, but I’m not expecting Hungry Machine to make sense of anything really. Like c’mon, can’t even do the bare minimum of completing a sentence? The audacity of ‘em to leave it like that when the mistake would be very, very noticeable on their dry as a gramma’s cooch page. T’is much weirder when I found out that they’re able to put out a short explainer video somehow.

Video is very generic, but, at least, they’re able to finish it while being able to list the things they’re supposed to do as an Amazon automation program. And speaking of which, Hungry Machine’s Erin gets the ball rolling here by saying that they build and manage [so that’s the “m” in their bio] Amazon seller accounts.

She continues, “When your Amazon store is in our hands, our team of buyers will research winning products with high profit margins and name brand recognition.” That’s the plan, their plan, although it’s still on you to set the budget for inventory. Hungry Machine recommends having a minimum of $15k to $25k for the first three months, then around $10k the following months.

I should note that what’s included in their DFY offer is nothing out of the ordinary. Setting up an Amazon account, making purchase orders and getting ‘em prepped up for inventory, managing the FBA store day-to-day ops like sales fulfillment, that kind of stuff.

In what seems to be an attempt to impress us, they also mention using a software to automate some of the DFY process. Can’t call yourself an Amazon automation program without it, amirite? But yeah, such a weird flex since using a software/app is a pretty normal thing now in our everyday life, including FBA. They did follow it up by saying that it’s the people working on the store, and not some AI, that matters the most.

To summarize, here’s what Hungry Machine does for you if you ever purchase their DFY offer: Set up your Amazon store and seller account; create vendor relationships on your behalf; take care of replenishing inventory; list your products online; and fulfill orders. The whole shebang, basically. They do all the work to run your store while you sit down, relax, and collect passive, residual income.

Hungry Machine Review

The catch? All the financial risks are on you. As in everything. Besides shouldering the inventory cost, you’d need to pay Hungry Machine presumably around $25k or more for their management service. Then, there’s the renewal fee, the profit cut, and the ad spend budget. Going to be from your pocket, and not theirs.

Personally, I won’t call this arrangement relaxing for their potential clients. There’s nothing relaxing about the possibility of somebody pissing away your money while all you can do is watch. Means you can’t really hold Hungry Machine accountable if they just f*ck around and do an awful job. And trust me, they would not hesitate to do exactly that.

The lack of social proof combined with the lack of attention to details is indicative of ‘em messing up with building and managing a DFY Amazon FBA store. The odds of getting a W is not good which is why I won’t be recommending Hungry Machine. Won’t feed them clients especially when I’m also not a fan of Amazon FBA as a business model. They better stay hungry, I guess.

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