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Reddit has become one of the places that people look to when it comes to reviews. If you’ve ever search for any review in the past couple of months, you would often see a few autocomplete suggestions include “reddit” at the end. Even Google has sort of acknowledged this trend by updating how they’ve been ranking certain search results on the platform. People are often on the lookout for more authentic reviews. And I certainly understand that. But sometimes, reviews on Reddit can be unreliable. Especially if there is a concentrated effort to review bomb a certain product or project.

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As I was going through my research about Hustlers University, I would often try to find as much information as I can. I have to admit that I am not the first person to write a review about it. But, because it is my job to review different programs, I try my best to learn more about a topic. And it would often include other people’s opinions, especially on platform like Reddit.

For those who are unaware, Hustlers University is this online training platform that was created by Andrew Tate. If you’ve ever been on a specific side of social media, you will likely know who Andrew Tate is. He was a former kickboxer and contestant in a few reality TV shows. It was through his appearances on those reality TV shows that helped him develop a fanbase. It’s a pretty standard way of getting a following nowadays. People still watch TV, even if it’s not in the more conventional way.

Andrew became a notorious figure on social medium due to the stuff that says. A lot of people are often enamored, more specifically white men, with people who “tells it like it is.” Unsurprisingly, he has kind of developed a following among young people who are more culturally conservative. He has amassed a relatively huge following on multiple platform, which he has managed to leverage into a way to earn money. He developed a motivational program of sorts called The War Room. And that in turn lead him to create Hustlers University.

Side note: Andrew Tate was recently deplatformed on a bunch of social media platforms due violating those platform’s respective hate speech policies. Aside from that, any form of reuploaded content from Andrew posted by other people will be removed by those platforms. Andrew was previously deplatformed on Twitter in 2017 for a few misogynistic comments. A few accounts of his are still active. But the ones where he has large followings are not.

Hustlers University is a online training platform that would supposedly help its trainees learn skills that will help them earn money. What’s weird about this training program is that it doesn’t seem like Andrew Tate has had any actual experience in any of courses that are included in the program. Though, most of the course are taught by people who were previously trainees in the War Room. The cost to join the program is a monthly fee worth $49.99

The platform that Hustlers University is a server on Discord. While a lot of different training programs have utilized different social media platforms as a way for students to interact with each other, I have never really seen one use Discord as the platform where they teach the courses. Normally it would be a different website where you get access to different modules. The Discord server would mainly act as the common room for the students. Discord can be, how do we say it, a bit discordant.

The reviews that I have seen on Reddit are kind of split between people who are just hyping up the program because Andrew is involved with it and people who actually tried and find it to be lackluster. That’s normally the case with a lot of reviews, unfortunately. It can be hard to filter out the ones that go into detail and the ones that’s just there to be contrarian.

From what I’ve seen, it seems like Hustlers University isn’t really worth the $50 monthly fee. Like I said in a previous paragraph, the platform that they put all their modules into isn’t really a great place for that kind of thing. Plus, the niches that they feature in the university are something that you can actually find videos of on YouTube for free. You don’t have to pay any kind of fee in order to access it. It’s just there. And you can search for it easily.

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