Is Hustlers University A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Andrew Tate has been having an eventful week. At the time of writing this article, Andrew has effectively been banned on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The reason for it doesn’t necessarily relate to what Hustlers University is all about. But since Andrew created the program and has promoted it on the platforms that he is on, it doesn’t really help the image of the program. The reason for him getting banned isn’t because of Hustlers University. But rather his misogynistic statements.

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With somebody with a relatively huge following among young people, Andrew has an outsized influence on the people that follow him. Because he has such a huge following, a lot of them will obviously support whatever venture that Andrew will try including Hustlers University. It was through his following that Andrew Tate got rich. Even though he had a career in kickboxing and a small stint on reality, it was through social media that build his career.

Hustlers University is a venture that Andrew started in 2021. The “university” is a platform where you can learn a multitude of skills, most of which involve e-commerce. The weird thing about it is that it doesn’t seem like Andrew has any experience in any of the courses that Hustlers University teaches. Although a few of the instructors for the platform were actually members of a previous program that Andrew created called The War Room.

The cost of joining Hustlers University is a monthly fee worth $49.99. The price for the platform is relatively cheap. I have seen a few courses related to e-commerce that cost twice as much but they’re a lot more focused on a particular niche. Once you’ve paid for the monthly fee, you will be given access to the platform. You will have to go through a quick training session before you actually entire the campus. And you what the campus is? It’s a Discord server.

It’s not unusual for any online training program to utilize different platforms to their benefit. A lot of people have accounts on Facebook or Discord so it only made sense for them to use the platform as the campus. With a relatively young fanbase, it sort of made sense that to use a platform that has a huge userbase in that age range. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to start a Discord server so there isn’t any maintenance required.

There six niches that Hustlers University focuses on: e-commerce, cryptocurrency, copywriting, stock trading, freelancing, and Amazon FBA. As I have mentioned, there are a lot of other training programs that focuses solely on each of these niches. There are a plethora of videos about them on YouTube. And YouTube doesn’t cost money to use. (Sure, you’re using electric to operate a computer or mobile device. And you’re using the internet to go to that website. But the actual platform you’re viewing the video on is free to use.)

The thing about a Discord server is that it is really unruly when there are so many people inside of it. I have been inside multiple serves that have different topics and interests. And sometimes it’s hard to jump through each of the channels in the server, because a lot of people are talking in it. It’s not really the best place to offer any kinds of lessons, even if you toggle a certain setting on each channel. It would’ve been better if they just went with an actual website for it.

You can probably learn some skills from Hustlers University. But you will need to apply those skills immediately if you want to earn money. That’s the main reason why people joined it in the first place, they want to learn skills in a platform that has like-minded people in it. But success in anything takes a long time to manifest itself.

So there’s a particular way you can earn money through Hustlers University without having to apply any skills. And that’s through affiliate marketing. If you weren’t aware of that term, it’s a method wherein you can earn money through a commission if they purchase a product through a referral link. It’s a pretty normal marketing strategy that other people use.

The way people earn money through Hustlers University is by posting videos of Andrew on any platform available and including a link to a capture page that’s tied to them. When somebody joins the program, they get a commission from it. Affiliate programs are also often used among multi-level marketing schemes. And often, compensations plans for those schemes are in the shape of a pyramid. Hence, pyramid schemes.

With how much baggage Andrew Tate has at the moment, it’s best that you steer clear from Hustlers University. Even without the baggage, I can’t see any reason for anyone to join the program. A lot of information about those niches feature in the program are available elsewhere for free. Why would you spend $50 a month for something you can learn through a few clicks on your device?

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