Hustlers University Review (Andrew Tate)

There is never a shortage of educational courses that’s available on the internet. People are constantly on the search to learn a different skillset. Sometimes, they just want to learn something new. You can never really go wrong with having a brand new skill in your arsenal. But often those skillsets can actually help you earn money. If you have a skill, why not try to find a way to monetize it? And some of those courses and training programs are actually helpful in developing certain skills that could potentially earn you money.

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That’s kind of the goal of Hustlers University, a training program created by former kickboxer and reality TV star Andrew Tate. This program can be considered a spin-off of Andrew’s other venture called The War Room. Andrew has managed to leverage his following into something that would actually make him money. There will always be people willing to support you in any way possible. And since his previous venture proved to be successfully, why not try another thing?

Hustlers University offers courses to different niches that have some kind of income-earning opportunity. They don’t charge you a separate fee for each course, which is sort of surprising really. There are other platforms that provide a multitude of topics that you can learn all for a monthly subscription. It’s not really a new idea. But it’s kind of interesting to see from somebody who only started this venture in 2021.

The niches that Hustlers University focuses on are e-commerce, copywriting, cryptocurrency and stock trading. Those niches are very common among online training programs out there. There are certain training programs that focus on more specific aspects of each of those niches. But all of them under one roof? That’s definitely not the norm. There is certainly an income opportunity that you can leverage in those categories. I’m still kind of skeptical that they can do justice to all of them.

In order to become part of Hustlers University, you have to pay a monthly fee worth $49.99. It’s relatively cheap for the breadth of topics that you can learn. Some online programs that focus solely on e-commerce and the other topics actually costs a lot more than Hustlers University. It’s definitely a positive aspect to it. But I wouldn’t really be too excited just yet.

Once you sign up for Hustlers University, you will go through a small training session featuring a pre-recorded video from Andrew. After that, you can now enter the university, which is really just a server on Discord. It’s unusual for training programs to use a platform like Discord as the main hub for all of the lessons that they will teach in the program. Normally, they would just use Discord servers as a community hub for students. I guess there’s no costs associated with setting up a Discord server. But it’s not really the best place to go through the lessons.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem really seem like paying $50 a month for Hustlers University is worth it. I mean, there are a lot of videos about e-commerce, copywriting, cryptocurrency and all of the other topics on the internet that you access for free. You can never run out of videos about those kinds of topics on YouTube. Even some of the instructor’s videos per each lesson is uploaded on YouTube. Because you can only upload videos that are at most 8MB. Or whatever the file size limit is when you upgrade your server on Nitro. This wouldn’t really be a problem if the lessons were on a different platform.

Not to mention that Andrew Tate has been getting a bit of heat in the past couple of weeks. A lot of different platforms have terminated his accounts due to violations of those platform’s respective hate speech policies. I mean, it’s not really much of a problem for his fans because those kinds of statements are what enamored them to him. I feel like the people who joined Hustlers University are mainly fans of him. So the main userbase for it won’t really fade away.

While it’s possible for you to learn something from Hustlers University, it will only go so far. If you’re not using the skills that you learned from the program, you probably wouldn’t have much of a chance of earning money through those skills and knowledge. Some of the people who’ve earned money from it are those that earned commissions for posting content from Andrew and adding affiliate links.

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