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You probably know the old saying “You have to spend money to make money.” There’s always a risk to where you will put your money. You can never be sure of what’s going to happen to it. But all you can do is to hope for the best. We all want what’s best for ourselves in the long run. But how exactly do you plan for your future? That’s where Ian Dunlap comes along. With his program designed to help you invest in your future, it’s no wonder he’s reach this kind of net worth.

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There isn’t a lot of details about Ian Dunlap’s personal life that’s readily available online. He was born in East Chicago, Indiana and went to college at Indiana University Bloomington. One thing that impacted his life was when a relative of his was taken advantage of by a dishonest investor. That small moment kind of set the path to where he is today. During his college years, a friend of his introduced him to a social media website. After signing up for the website, he was hooked. And he had the idea to invest in it. Unfortunately, he had to invest $125,000 when he only had $10,000. He tried calling some of his friends and family to reach that amount. None of them budged. Had he managed to get that $125,000, he would have had almost $26 million by now. You know what the website he was going to invest? It was Facebook. That’s an insane origin story, if you think about it.

It wasn’t until the 2008 financial crisis that he started to actually take an interest in investing full-time. It took a few tries to get his bearings but he managed to get something out of the experience. Since then, he has invested in a lot of the top companies like Apple, Microsoft and Tesla. He founded a firm that manages the money of five clients a year. His expertise as an investor managed to give him the highest winning percentages. So much so that he has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He founded the Red Panda Academy to help other people the ins and outs of the stock market.

Investing in the stock market is a risky business. There will be wins and loses. You are going to put a lot of hard earned money into something that may or may not pay dividends in the future. And Ian Dunlap’s Red Panda Academy is there to help you go through all of the things there is to know about investing. The masterclass has two subscription tiers: the Stock Market Club which costs $10,000 for an annual membership and the Alpha Blueprint which costs $40,000 for a two-year membership. That’s a lot of money to spend on top of what you are spending to invest into stocks and trades.

Despite all of that, it’s not guaranteed that you may have the same winning percentages as Ian in the long run. Ian has almost two decades worth of experience. Getting into investing takes a certain amount of risk, but the website does put in its disclaimer that you should never put so much money that it will affect your current lifestyle. He does put out a lot of videos on his YouTube channel that people might be useful before they sign up for his classes. Still, it’s amazing that he managed to consistently to earn money by following what happens in the market and making decisions based on it. It will just be hard to replicate without any of the proper knowledge.

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