iFlip Review (Brian Adamson)


I am pleasantly surprised how Brian Adamson makes it very accessible for everyone to check out how he and his team operate at iFlip. All for free, no payment or contact deets required. I’m talking about the one-hour long VIP session preview that Brian posted on his YouTube channel. Got no time to sit through the entire vid? Relax, I’ll give you the essential bits in my review down below.

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One attendee of the challenge named Lloyd opens up with the question on what’s the difference between intrinsic value and actual value. Yup, they’re talking business right away. I gotta say it, ‘cause I really, really like it. No need for me to skip through fluff anymore, like Brian’s backstory. If you want the latter, check out my review here.

Back to the video, Brian answers the question above swiftly. According to him, actual value are based on objective factors that are made from an appraisal perspective. Things like bed and bath count, square footage, comps, and the likes. With comps, he means similar homes that are sold within the same area and time period of your property.

Meanwhile, intrinsic value is what a buyer perceives as “value” based on their preference. Putting your buyer’s bathroom tiles of choice counts as well as installing a cozy stand-up shower, and adorning the walls with hot pink wallpaper [for buyers who are still not over the Barbie craze]. These customizations don’t necessarily add to the property’s actual value.

Does that mean going after intrinsic value is pointless? Not really, says Brian. ‘Member the comps I mentioned earlier? If you know how to build intrinsic value by knowing those, your property will easily clear the homes for sale that you are up against. Yours is simply irresistible. While the appraised value has the final say in everything, there’s still so much value in knowing how to add intrinsic value reasonably.

To start, be on the lookout for distressed properties, those that are well under market value. Next, pimp that thang with renovations that are functionally and structurally sound. That first. And then, you spend extra with what your budget allows on intrinsic pieces. Watch how the last step makes a whole lot of difference in making your property stand out among the rest. Main character vibes, you know what I’m saying.

By this time, I know y’all are either one, lowkey overwhelm from the info dump; or two, rolling your eyes since what Brian is saying is the same ‘ol basic stuff you already figured out.

If you’re a beginner, it’s fine, take it slow and steady. Nobody says real estate would be easy, but don’t quote me on that. On the flip side, y’all seasoned investors gotta chill since the five-day iFlip Challenge is more of a starter course.

Moving on, Brian also explains what pulling an equity line means and how it doesn’t impact the mortgage. He says that it’s like a big credit card, but you’ll only pay interest on the funds you access. And if you indeed access some, he claims that you can use OPM to pay for the monthly dues. He didn’t elaborate further. Bet it’d be on the more advanced iFlip Mastery.

But wait, there’s more. He got some words about contractors. His advice about such? Don’t settle for pictures as proof of their workmanship. Never! Instead, ask them a physical address and meet them— either in-person or virtually— while they’re working. Have someone randomly pop out at those locations to check again, see how it’s going and whatnot.

iFlip Review (Brian Adamson)

Sounds like too much work? Think again. He argues that it’s worth the hassle if it means weeding out bad contractors and getting a good one. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the bad ones since mediocrity scales exponentially and that could be very costly.

He goes on to answer a few more questions about someone else’s specific problem. Their problem, not ours. Like I’ve said, I’ll give you the essential bits and only that. So, that’s what I’ll do. And honestly, I don’t want to get carried away, or I might as well start writing a full-length manual.

Turns out, Brian does a pretty good job as a real estate mentor. He talks straight, he tries his best to answer every questions comprehensively, and he isn’t pushy by any means. He just needs to fix his still work-in-progress website and that crappy resource he linked before, and we’re talking. Oh, and the price… He gotta list the price of his iFlip offers too. I don’t see any besides the iFlip Masterclass that costs zero dollars.

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