Ilana Golan Review

Ilana Goran

Since reinventing herself, Ilana Golan swore that she’ll assist driven professionals in taking the leap in their career. The leap is something she took herself to become who she is today— an award-winning keynote speaker, advisor, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Leap Academy. She has been helping professionals for quite a while now. Three years to be exact as of this January. And she’s letting us know by posting some celebratory pics on her ‘Gram.

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It was an amazing three years. In the said period, she’s able to change lives and guide professionals slash students of Leap Academy to become the best version of themselves. She’s more than grateful since she felt that it’s her calling too… Her true purpose in life.

But what led her into doing this is not all pretty. She didn’t wake up one morning and have a lightbulb flashing moment of reinventing herself. It’s all out of necessity.

She started out well in her career. The Airforce Engineer to Sales and Growth Technical Leader to VP of Technical Operations pipeline isn’t too shabby. I mean, being the first woman to be in-charge of the training of pilots in an Israel flight simulation school is not bad at all. Slay, Queen!

But then, she decided to leave the cozy corporate jobs and build a startup. And you know what, it’s not a flop at all. In fact, they’re able to raised $800k from investors, which is more than enough for the venture. What could go wrong?

Everything. Everything could go wrong, especially when you have a fake-ass friend. In particular, Ilana’s co-founder and “friend” took all the money for themselves and kicked her out of the business.

She’s left with no job, no startup, and her ego down the drain. Oh, and one less friend as well if I may add. As expected from a high achiever, her initial thought highlights her people-pleasing tendency: “I told everyone about this startup! What do I say now?”

And then, the more crucial questions follow. Questions like “what she’ll do next?”, “should she get another job”, or “what even is her purpose in life?” She had no answer for such and her life is a mess until she started reinventing herself. She had no choice but to do it, or else everything will spiral further downhill.

Since then, she started a tech company, sold it, invested in over eighty companies, joined a board, and more. The labels I’ve mentioned earlier that spells success, she got ‘em all. And like her sworn promise, she’s willing to show how she did it, so that others can also reinvent themselves and leap to the career they want and deserve.

She explains, “I’ve put together content from 25 years of my own experience and that of dozens of others I’ve helped, into an 8-week exclusive program along with an executive mastermind.” She claims that her program is so life-changing that buncha media outlets featured it, such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, NBC, and more.

Yeah, no, I guess we all know by now that it’s more on Ilana paying the said websites for a feature. Nothing new with the same ‘ol paid press release. I won’t pay much attention to the Stevie Awards her program recently received either.

Ilana Goran Review

While getting a gold award here means Leap Academy got a high average, if not the highest, in the award body’s scoring criteria for startups, it’s simply not the most comprehensive competition. Ilana’s program didn’t compete with the best of the best, but only with whoever bothered to nominate themselves for the award.

Compete with crap shoot that’s so bad, even fake nominations managed to “win” in 2020, pay $525 on top of the entry fee if you win [award body incentivized to select more winners], and that’s it. You’ll get a tacky trophy, a “commemorative memorabilia” sold by Stevie Awards themselves on Shopify. I wish I was kidding.

I didn’t see any mention on how much her offers on Leap Academy cost. At least not on her website. But since it’s very similar to Jill Turner’s Career Vision Accelerator, I’d say it’ll cost around $7k too. And just like my verdict with Jill’s, I’ll say no to this and do a course on how to start a business instead.

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