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Andrew Imbesi Review (BogeGroup)


Andrew Imbesi started BogeGroup to help musicians turn their passion into sustainable careers. To him, no musician should  be broke and have their talents wasted. Instead, they should have an abundance of opportunities, have six to seven figures of income, and be able to reach their full potential. Wishful thinking, I should say, but that’s what he still says, anyway. Can he deliver? Let’s take a look at Andrew and his program on my review down below.

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Just a quick background on Andrew, he claims to be a musician himself too in an interview. Been producing music since he was twelve years old and all that. Even took a degree with music production subjects, apparently. I’m not seeing any indication on all his social media accounts that he’s about that life, though. Like, where’s your mixtape at? Soundcloud or any portfolio of some sort? Nothing?

Besides this particular page of his BogeGroup website, I wouldn’t have known that dude is a musician or, at least, interested in producing music at all. That makes his rather ambitious promise kinda out of place, I think. I’ll understand him being zealous on helping the said peeps if he’s one of ‘em, but nope, not anymore. Not when the only bit listed on his ‘gram is him being a “funding king” ala Jeff Sekinger.

Apparently, he had moved on to providing training on how to get zero percent interest funding. Nothing wrong with that, but him leaving the music thang behind altogether is somewhat suspicious. Seems like he’s just faking that passion to sell his program, labeled as BogeGroup Music Marketing mini-course, that is actually more of a marketing and setting up Facebook ads course.

Speaking of the course, the highlight of it is the four-module training of around ten hours. Module one named aptly as the Communication module reveals Andrew’s very own sales framework and strategy to sell as a musician. Next is module two, the Products module, which tackles about, well, the products you’ll be selling plus the how-tos of crafting your offer for that.

Meanwhile, module three named as Online Platforms module reveals that must-have platforms to blow up in the music industry. Finally, module 4 named Music Marketing is something that puts all the knowledge from the previous three modules into action. Build platforms, sell your music, and grow your fanbase. That’s the plan, anyway. And you’re gonna use strategies from a Two Comma Club winner to turn that plan into reality.

Not gonna lie, the sudden mention of Two Comma is weird. That’s from selling courses and has nothing to do with selling actual music. Besides, he’s not even the award winner himself, but his mentor! Like, geez Andrew, don’t you have any achievements yourself that you’re using someone else’s like that? I mean, given he’s not posting anything about his own music, I’m not surprised a bit if he doesn’t have one.

Andrew Imbesi Review

Anyway, I’m assuming you’re curious about the price of that BogeGroup program, are you? Well, BogeGroup Music Marketing mini-course cost one time payment of $2,997 or two monthly payments of $1,597. Even with the so-called accountability coach included, this program is just too expensive for my liking. Aside from the vague af training, Andrew has no business selling something this f*cking pricey when he has little to no reps in the music industry.

To answer the question above, I would say no, I don’t think he could deliver on his promise at all. Walk the talk and show how your marketing and Facebook ads made you a six, seven-figure income as a musician. He won’t because he’s probably just talking that talk and nothing else. And, well, I meant no offense, but he looks like a struggling artist at that, the type who’s only able to afford instant ramen for all his meals, with the video he used on the sales page.

“I’m completely different from other musicians because besides from creating my own music… I actually help other musicians start, develop, and run their own music businesses.” Yeah, riiiight. Help your goddamn music career first, if you ever had one, before saying that. With all the bull on his music program alone, I’m also not recommending any other offers of his BogeGroup company.  Not even the credit stacking one. Bye!

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