im Academy Compensation Plan Explained

Compensation plans for multi-level marketing companies are very difficult to explain. Often times in my reviews, I don’t really go into that much detail regarding how exactly those things work. Usually, I write something in the form of “you start earning commissions by selling products and recruiting people.” That’s how most of them work. It’s a very distilled explanation of how it works There isn’t really any difference in how MLMs compensate its affiliate members for doing a good job. Sometimes the numbers change. And some terms sound different. But they function is very similar ways.

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But first, an introduction to im Mastery Academy. The company had three different iterations through the years since its foundation in 2013. im Mastery Academy is the third iteration. Prior to that, it was called iMarketsLive. You’d think that the “i” in iMarketsLive referred to “interactive” or even “internet” in the case of Apple’s iPod or iPhone. You’d be wrong. It’s actually “international.” The company was founded by Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre.

The first iteration of iMarketsLive involved a subscription program wherein you had access to a live trading room featuring Christopher Terry and bunch of moderators where they show how they buy and sell in the stock exchange. An subscription cost $247. There wasn’t that much to that program. It didn’t prove to be successful so they decided to reboot iMarketsLive to involve more features alongside the live trading room. Some of those features went on to be part of im Mastery Academy. But what took off was an auto-trading program. Unfortunately, they were met with notices from different securities agencies in different countries so they promptly shut that program down.

Eventually, they rebranded to what is now im Mastery Academy. What the company sells now is a subscription to the educational products that they promote, most of them are about forex or stock trading. You have to pay a monthly fee of $15 to become one of im Mastery Academy’s independent business owners. Not really the best term when they aren’t really independent nor own a business. The Platinum package costs $324.94 upfront then $274.95 per month. If you get two of your friends to purchase a subscription of your own, you get yours for free.

Now, here’s the compensation plan. In order to earn commissions, you must get three people to purchase a subscription. If you already got two people to buy one, you only just need one more to get residuals. The ranking that you will qualify for is Platinum 150. You earn a weekly residual of $37.50. In order to reach the next rank, Platinum 600, you have to maintain 12 active customers then 1,740 worth of group volume, then at least three legs or your own recruited affiliate. (I do have to note that 435 was the group volume required for Platinum 150.) I don’t know how exactly they calculate group volume. When you qualify for Platinum 600, you earn $150 a week.

You sort of get the gist, right? You get people to buy a subscription then you recruit people to become an IBO. Then they all have to do the same thing as you did. That’s how most multi-level marketing schemes work. There’s just a lot of numbers to take note of. im Mastery Academy uses a uni-level structure for their compensation plan. In a uni-level structure, you are at the top. Then you have three recruits on the first level of the structure. Then those recruits have three of their own. Sometimes, when you have more than three legs, you put one of them in a lower level to balance it out.

In one of the income disclosures that iMarketsLive put out in 2018, they had a total of 52,706 IBOs. The number of IBOs who didn’t rank up to Platinum 150 is 45,924, less than half of them were active in it. That’s a lot. The number of IBOs in Platinum 150 were 3990. The amounts went down as you go up the ranks. The average income for IBOs at the base level was $52. The highest income was $1,125 and the lowest income was $25. The success rate for the base level doesn’t look great. How is it possible that someone earned more than a thousand dollars, but the average is closer to the lowest one?

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