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im Mastery Academy Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There have been companies that I have reviewed on this website that involve foreign exchange and stock trading. Not that those companies handle actual trading. They just give you tools that may help you succeed in it. Multi-level companies like Auvoria Prime offered subscriptions for different programs that would supposedly help you achieve success in market trading. How those programs work, I’m not really sure. There are, of course, websites that contain basic information regarding all those topics that you can find for free online. Not everyone can go to wherever the stock exchanges are located and find people in the trading floors who can actually help. So online is mainly the way to go.

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im Mastery Academy started in 2019. Prior to that, it was called iMarketsLive. iMarketsLive was co-founded by Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre. Christopher Terry has had some experience being part of one of the biggest multi-level marketing companies out there, Amway. He was also part of another business that he didn’t disclose in an interview. In 2013, iMarketsLive was founded.

What iMarketsLive did was basically showed you a livestream of sorts where you watch Christopher and bunch of other moderators trade throughout the day. The subscription fee at that point costs $247. You could probably shadow an actual trader at an actual stock exchange for less. Since then, iMarketsLive had an affiliate membership subscription worth $15 and a separate subscription for the actual product that costs an initial fee of $195 and then $145 a month. The subscription offered the same products including the live trading room along with a program that automatically does the trades for you. But they have since removed that feature.

A bunch of regulatory warnings came out against the company in different countries like Colombia and the United Kingdom. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission also put out a notice against the company, citing that they weren’t registered to provide any kind of service that offered trading options to its customers. Since then, the company has been known as im Mastery Academy.

Like a lot of multi-level marketing schemes in a lot of different industries, you have to pay a fee in order to become an affiliate member. In this case, you are referred to as im Master Academy’s Independent Business Owner. I’m not really sure if that’s the most appropriate term for the affiliate members. They don’t really have a business. And it’s not really independent since they’re affiliate members. Anyway, it costs $15 a month.

The company will suggest that you also purchase a Platinum package subscription that costs $324.94 upfront, then $274.95 a month. They should’ve just rounded the prices up to $325 and $275 respectively. It’s just a few cents. That subscription gives you access to all of the tools and services that im Mastery Academy provides. That’s a lot of money, though. But the company assures you that their products are worth the price. If you want to get your subscription for free, you have to get two of your friends to buy their own subscriptions. But don’t tell them that you’re getting it for free. They might get mad.

In most multi-level marketing schemes, you have to sell a product in order to earn commission. The same applies to im Mastery Academy. Compared to a few companies that offer actual products you can see and use like BeautyCorner and Cabi, I don’t think there’s a lot of people willing to pay a few hundred dollars a month just to learn about forex and stock trading. When you’re going to actually trade, you’re also going to spend a lot of money in that.

There’s risks in getting into forex and stock trading. And there are also risks in joining MLMs. I have mentioned this in a few other reviews, but it’s worth repeat. Not all of the people who join MLMs earn money from it. Maybe you get commissions for selling an im Mastery Academy subscription to other people. But it’s very hard to consistently do that. Once you’ve gotten your friends and family roped in? Who else can you get to join? I don’t think all of the effort that you’re going to put into this venture is worth it at all.

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