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Inbound Closer Review (Payton Welch)

Payton Welch

Payton Welch claims that the Inbound Closer program will provide you with a high demand skill in an industry worth $129 billion. To him, the skill will enable you to have a “straight to the money side hustle” with a daily commision check starting at $980. With only a phone and 6-page EBook from his program, Payton claims that you can “write your own ticket – living on your own terms and creating the abundance that you and your loved ones deserve.”

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Inbound Closer is an online training program founded by Payton and Taylor Welch that discusses how to become a good Inbound Closer in sales (which is basically a telemarketer) and how it relates to affiliate marketing. Specifically, the program will impart insights on how to become an effective salesperson and close high ticket deals through a phone call. The affiliate marketing aspect, on the other hand, is manifested by getting commissions when closing said deals.

For their flagship course, they have three main modules that include training materials, case studies, and scripts related to telemarketing . The first module titled as The Foundations is described as a personal roadmap for becoming a top Inbound Closer. Next is The Inbound Closing Accelerator that is 21 day worth of training based on Taylor’s proprietary (he had taken more than 3180 calls and closed more than $42 million in new business) and Inbound Closing system. Third module named The Daily Commission Check Blueprint is described as a step-by-step, 100% fool-proof instruction to get your first high-dollar client in as little as one week. All of these modules are accessible in their Inbound Closer Training portal  where you will also see daily action steps to become a top Inbound Closer tailored fit to your own pace. The said resources along with free bonuses such as Post-call recordings and breakdown, access to Inbound Closer Mastermind group, and one-on-one coaching costs a one time payment of $47.

To be fair, the cost for the flagship course is quite reasonable. Their affiliate scheme is also well-structured since you have a lot of options on which high ticket deals to offer unlike other affiliate programs promoting only one product (worst, that one product is usually their own affiliate program too). However, there are hidden upsells within the program that might balloon the price from a reasonable one to a very expensive $7,000-$10,000. For instance, you will be highly encouraged to take the Inbound Closer Certification program that costs $997. This is not listed in their site but is marketed necessary in the flagship course for the complete Inbound Closer experience.

Inbound Closer Review

Aside from the upsells, there are also concerns on the promises being overhyped and too good to be true. To start, the promise of an average close rate of 40% as an Inbound Closer is likely not attainable when the industry average is only 19%. The promise of working on your own terms is also likely false since the time you need to take a call is usually dependent on your client’s availability (if they promise to have no cold-calling and prospecting involved, it is very likely dependent on client’s schedule rather than yours). Finally , earning at least $980 in a day  may not be impossible but a promise of a consistent and reliable stream of income saying “earning at least $980 EVERY day” is more likely nothing but a get rich quick BS.

It is also important to note that telemarketing (or sales in general) is not suitable for everyone. Dealing with rejections on a consistent basis is not something a lot of people can handle. It is also a time consuming endeavor  in terms of preparation (e.g. study of method of presentation, product details, and target market) and actual work (no-show calls or waste of time on people leading you on) especially if you’re not a gifted communicator. Ultimately , the program can only teach what a good telemarketer entails but the success of becoming one is not guaranteed and will mostly depend on your communication skills. 

Inbound Closer is not a scam. In fact, its flagship course is a good buy at $47 if you want to learn a thing or two about telemarketing. However, the program is not for you if you are looking for a consistent stream of income or a beginner-friendly business where you can work on your own terms. 

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