Kingdom Business Incubator Review (Paul Bocco)

Paul Bocco

Paul Bocco shares his business model that is founded on Biblical Christian principles In Kingdom Business Incubator. He presents the program as “build for Christians, by Christians” that will enable you to gain a complete Christian independence: make your own schedule, travel anywhere, and be “100% free to chase the dreams God want you to achieve.” With this program, according to Paul, you can earn up to $10,000 a month while not conforming to the “world” that is inherently evil. “If you want to accomplish something great for God, find somebody, a godly Christian person, that already done that and learn from them,” Paul added while explaining how this program enable him to have 10 successful businesses, 3 of which are worth seven figures now.

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Kingdom Business Incubator is an online training program founded by Paul Bocco wherein you will be taught on how to make money on real estate while helping other people and in turn, following God’s will.

Specifically, you will help home buyers who do not qualify for traditional mortgage and financing options buy a house by pairing them to property owners who also had problems selling their homes via conventional channels because of repair, tenant, and probate issues, and would rather lower the selling price of their home if it meant avoiding dealing with agent commissions, repairs, concessions, inspections, etc. You will be paid by the buyers with a quite substantial finders fee for the service.

Such finder’s fee varies but it can go from $1,500 per deal to a whopping $30,873 as seen in the Facebook post saying “It was a messy title full of code enforcement, probate, and tax lien issues (multiple points of pain if you still stack lists) but the seller saw my ad and thought I could help. I did.”

The program offers their turn-key lead pipeline system that can generate leads within 24 hours and ten additional ways to generate and find quality leads via a 10-module Kingdom Kit training course. Live telephone support, access to a support group, and additional funding will also be given once you join the program.

However, there is no pricing listed on Paul’s site to know the cost of the program. This is a red flag since Paul was able to come up with a lengthy manifesto and an hour worth of promotional video but is never transparent to a relatively simple figure to list. The only way to get the cost is to book a call with them aka the “discovery call” which requires you to relay your personal information, something most of the people are not comfortable with.

Despite how Paul makes it look easy, connecting a buyer and property owners that are both problematic in a conventional sense is not easy at all. Just finding prospective sellers is already difficult to do and I do not think that you can find a buyer that easily either by just running a free online ad that only takes 5 minutes to set up as Paul claims. Sure, you might also close a deal or two, but the promise of a recurring income is far from the truth. It is just the very nature of real estate businesses, sometimes deals just do not present itself for months, years even.

Kingdom Business Incubator Review

It is also worth mentioning that real estate is not for everyone. You will be given phone scripts in the program to help you with negotiations, but the success of it is still very dependent on your communication skills and reputation (are you any better than traditional agents?). With the pandemic also adversely affecting the real estate in terms of overheating the market, it is also much better to pursue other businesses that are pandemic and crisis-proof.

In conclusion, Kingdom Business Incubator is not a scam. They present an actual business model where you can come in as a middleman and earn decent money in finder’s fees. It might pique your interest if you like a business training program led by a Christian. However, the promise of a steady income through this model is not guaranteed like Paul claims to be. It is just how real estate operates especially during the pandemic, you are not guaranteed to find and close deals regularly to earn $10,000 a month.

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