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Indistractable Masterclass Review (Mindvalley)


Mindvalley’s Indistractable Masterclass is created by Nir Eyal to share what he found out after half a decade of searching for a “cure” for his distraction problems. He used to struggle with it just like so many of us are. But after many years of research and experimentation, he claims that he has cracked the code to become indistractable himself. How did he do it? See the answer in my review below.

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First off, let’s talk about what Nir means by struggling with distraction. Him being the writer of a book that details how to hook people’s attention with habit-forming apps, he mentions having problems putting his phone down. A lot of times before, he’s trying to avoid using it, then still ending up giving in to the glow of the screen. Isn’t it ironic that a guy who wrote what is basically a guide for software companies to have captivating apps turned distracting tells us how we get over it? Creating a problem to solve it afterwards, eh?

Not really, Nir says. His purpose of writing Hooked is not about enabling tech giants to “hijack our minds”, but to explore the psychology behind sustaining interest in order to create apps that build healthy habits. “We want our products to be user friendly, easy to navigate, and yes, habit-forming. Companies making their products more engaging isn’t necessarily a problem—it’s progress,” he adds.

However, just like a philosopher once said, “When you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck.” Can’t really blame him since it’s out of his control that a lot has deviated from his intended purpose. Dude didn’t mean any harm at all… or maybe, we’re giving him too much credit for enabling corporate greed. With or without him, the companies will still find a way to be greedy, anyway.

It is what it is now. No need to contemplate what could’ve done better in the past. I mean, Nil is back with another book, now turned into masterclass, to show that regardless of apps being too distracting, it doesn’t have that much power on us. Anyone can take back their control over their focus and attention, without the need of complete tech detox even, they just need a guide on how. This is your guide, a system that works with technology and not against it, Mindvalley’s Indistractable Masterclass.

Once you sign up for Indistractable Masterclass, you’ll get the following: Seven modules of video lessons, community Q and A event recordings, and self assessment quizzes and reflection activities. To add, some of the topics discussed here are mastering internal triggers, making time for traction, hacking back external triggers, preventing distraction with pacts, and some more. The price of the Indistractable Masterclass? Well, surprise, surprise! Indistractable Masterclass apparently cost $675! Yes, I didn’t stutter at all.

Indistractable Masterclass Review

Indistractable Masterclass is far from being a scam and its creator Nir seems to be a legit expert on behavioural design, but god damn, it’s still hella overpriced IMO. Not when the book it’s based upon, Nir’s Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, is sold on Amazon for only $22.49. If you really don’t need your info in video form, the much more reasonable option is to just get a fresh hardcover copy of Nir’s book and be done with it.

Besides, if you’re in deep trouble with maintaining your focus and getting distracted all the time, a trip to a psychiatrist might be better. There are times that it’s not you, but your bitch ass brain and hormones f*cking up your day. For that, mere words would not suffice and you’ll need actual medication instead. And obviously, a course of action that’s puzzle-fitted according to your individual needs is much better than a general umbrella course like Indistractable’s.

Ultimately, what you should aim for is a life where getting distracted is just fine. If you’re working on a 9-5 job, being on a phone, chit chatting, or doing anything other than work means your productivity, or the corporate’s perception of it, would take a hit. You’ll be labeled as a bad employee when most of the time, you’re just taking a breather. F*ck corporate, amirite? Can’t say the same when you’re a business owner because you are your own boss, unironically. So, yeah, it’s probably better to spend your money on courses about starting a biz rather than about mindset conditioning. Amen? Amen.

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