Passive Wealth Academy Review

Passive Wealth Academy

Passive Wealth Academy just got a complete overhaul… or so I thought. No, they don’t have a coach switcheroo from Jason Alex to Dan Zitofsky. Instead, these dudes both got their own, unrelated course. Me thinking that Jason has gone MIA on social media is also wrong. Mister-sunglasses-wherever-he-goes just changed his Instagram handle, no idea if he purposely scrubbed his profile of all the traces of him being a personal coach. For more tea, see my review below.

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Turns out, it’s Jason that did some rebranding himself, and not his Passive Wealth Academy course. While dude is already putting on a familiar act of “gurus” on his ‘Gram, there’s no mention of Passive Wealth Academy anywhere. He only has links to his photography website and music gig, and that’s it. Or maybe, lotta flexin’ of fancy boats, a car that’s dose, and big titty hoes is also a DJ thang, I dunno.

Fortunately, I found another account of his on Facebook. Besides putting the personal coach and business consultant label in his bio, he also dropped the URL to access Passive Wealth Academy at Wealth Academy Course dot com [yup, Dan got dibs on the better domain with the same name as the course].

My initial impression is like, wow, dude can take off his sunglasses if he needs to! It’s just an aesthetic, not an obsession. Silly of me to think otherwise. But he’s also kinda silly for putting up a video that seems AI generated. Audio is whack and didn’t match the video well. Feels like I’m watching a poorly dubbed film, yikes.

Regardless, here’s what he has to say: His course secret is not exactly a business but somehow it can make enough money to potentially replace your full-time job. He adds, “It’s absolutely mind blowing considering it’s brand new and it did not exist the last couple years.”

According to him, this is the easiest system under the radar to make money online. If you can record a video on your phone and talk for about thirty, sixty seconds, you can do it. No inventory, no paying for ads, and no website needed. Just you, your phone, and your computer.

He has done several online businesses over the years from creating e-commerce brands, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, freelance web design, SMMA, and affiliate marketing. He teases, “What I’m about to show you has nothing to do with any of that.” Oh word?

Want to know the system Jason has been gushing about? You can if you buy Passive Wealth Academy that cost $79. Besides the video training, you’ll also get an accompanying eBook guide. Wanna get some hints on what’s it about before paying up? Tough luck for ya as Jason is gatekeeping the thang…

Just kidding, I won’t be keeping y’all in the dark like that. Based on the client results Jason presented in his website, his [not a] business model thang is all about becoming an Amazon associate. I mean, duh, what else could he be puffing about when his screenshots are all associate dashboards?

Passive Wealth Academy Review

In particular, he’s talking about making money through the Amazon Influencer program, a newer extension of the Amazon Associates program. If Amazon Affiliate program is for bloggers and website owners, Amazon Influencer is for, well, influencers who have a significant following on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and the likes.

IMO, there’s no need to buy a course like Passive Wealth Academy to become an Amazon influencer. The how-tos are all over the internet, just look ‘em up. No need to pay for info especially when it comes from a nobody who just came outta nowhere to sell a course [*cough* Jason *cough*].

It’s also no secret that Amazon offers poor commission rates for their affiliates, with influencers prolly earning just a teeny tiny bit more. High chance that the $7k, $12k a month income Jason claims to be getting is something he just pulled outta his ass. I mean, AFAIK, dude has NO significant following on any social media platform. Reason I’m doubting his claims on hitting above average numbers. He got no proof to convince me otherwise.

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