Innovation Investor Review (Luke Lango)

Luke Lango

Luke Lango is no different than the usual stock trader in the guru space. He’s also coming up with short reports about new stocks and new opportunities to hype up for a while. This time, it’s about the underrated and overlooked stock in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space, coined as the “forever battery” stock, that’s about to blow up… not the battery itself because that would be bad BAD, but he’s talking about the possibility of the stock prices blowing up to fifty-fold.

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“It has the potential to single-handedly propel your personal portfolio over the next 24 to 36 months,” he continues. It’s not a “stay rich” stock ala Berkshire Hathaway or Johnson & Johnson, but a “get rich” one. A once-in-a-lifetime gem that you don’t wanna miss at its penny prices. That’s what Luke says or at the very least, what his “close contacts in the tech industry” say.

Unlike him who won’t drop the stock name right away and just mention it as an afterthought, I won’t do the same. Like, duh, that should be the main point of his report and not some propaganda sounding stuff with few unpopular opinions on the side. Lo and behold, the stock is none other than QuantumScape Corp (NYSE: QS).

As implied earlier, the company is involved with the EV industry as they are pursuing a “forever battery” in solid-state cells for commercial use. The said cells are still in the works, a proof-of-concept only, but that sh*t becoming a reality could be game-changing. The promise is it’ll cut the charging time in half while packing more electric “juice” in it compared to the ones we’re currently using.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, it is if you don’t mind the concerns regarding the batts’ charging cycles. However, the stock market doesn’t really give a damn about the positive hype around it. Or maybe, the market won’t care until the Corp actually delivers on its promise. Prices are down 87.5% from its December 2020 levels and trading of it is at an all time low.

Overall, the trend is downward and all red here. Not good at all and a lot got burned on the stock already, yet Luke is still doubling down… Makes me wonder whether he is just throwing sh*t at a wall and hoping something will stick or maybe he’s too stubborn to change his mind. It could be both. Just like any stock analysts out there which is why I’m not particularly thrilled with their newsletters and trading signals. I can say the same with Luke’s Innovation Investor.

And yes, I did talk about the “forever battery” quite extensively since it’s one of the reports you’ll get when you sign up for Innovation Investor with a subscription price that starts at $3. Aside from the said reports (three in total), you’ll also get the following: 12 monthly issues of the Innovation Investor’s newsletter, access to the Innovation Investor Support Team, and a one-year satisfaction guarantee. On the other hand, you’ll also get another report plus quarterly conference webcast when you pay Innovation Investor’s all access membership cost at $99 per year.

Innovation Investor Review

With the QS report alone, y’all know I’m already not down with Luke’s Innovation Investor. You can’t just tell others to not mind the reds when it’s all over the place and have diamond hands despite the obvious grim outlook. That’s basically Luke in a nutshell, so I have to say hell nah to that. Like yeah, sure, he got something right before which is why he probably got the irrational confidence to suggest whatever. Still, it doesn’t mean he can suggest practically anything and it’ll be a homerun every single time. Nope. Quite frankly, expect more misses than hits here.

To add, the encouragement to do crazy gambles just like the QS one is something you don’t pay money for. I mean, you actually can by paying Innovation Investor, but it’s not necessary at all. It’s not worth giving your mullahs, especially when you can do the research about stock by yourself minus Luke’s BS. Without the annoying upsell after upsell offers from him too that could easily cost you a thousand bucks. No, thank you!

Most importantly, I’ll be wary of him and the publisher he’s working with, InvestorPlace, due to them not minding someone charged with fraud in their slate. I’m talking about Louis Navellier who’s guilty of falsifying records in marketing materials just to “sell” his sh*t. Got a $30 million fine from SEC and all, but still InvestorPlace doesn’t care. They f*cking should, but they don’t and still sell Louis’ products instead of booting him out… Nothing but a bad look on InvestorPlace and that includes Luke’s Innovation Investor.

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