6-Figure Inside Closer Program Review (Mike Barron)

Mike Barron

Mike Barron of 6-Figure Inside Closer can’t contain his excitement for his new program. He’s shouting, growling, and jumping uncontrollably like a madman. Well, he’s apparently just hyping himself up so he can do his presentation with lots of positive vibes and energy. “See you at the top,”  he says. Is it really possible to have the same success as Mike, a millionaire, with his less than a hundred dollars course? Find out by reading the review below.

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Short answer for the question above is no, I don’t think so. It should be quite obvious as he’s sporting a mane that’s close to the devil goatee. I mean, he must be the devil himself if he can’t be a lord. And I’m talking about him not being a “baron” aka lord… Hah!

But seriously, I really don’t think you can be a millionaire like him, let alone come close to achieving his bold promises like $1k a day, by purchasing any of his programs. Especially not by purchasing the 6-Figure Inside Closer program worth $97.

To give you my long answer, let me explain what’s with Mike’s Inside Closer program. It’s very similar to Payton Welch’s Inbound Closer. Y’know, it seems like Mike just ctrl-c and ctrl-v (aka copy and paste) Payton’s course and slap his name on it. Can’t be called a copycat when you change some fancy terms, am I right?

There’s a reason they had some beef going on. Rants thrown here and there. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about petty fights  between these grown-ass men. Like, get over it. I’ll probably cheer for these sh*tty mentors to punch it out mano a mano, though.

And speaking of sh*t, let’s enumerate all the BS in Mike’s course, shall we? First, he’s promising that selling an expensive product through a phone call is an easy-peasy thing to do. All you need to do is follow his script and voila, expect closing 40% of your calls. Uhm no, this ain’t true at all. The average is hovering around 19% in closed calls only, 30% for the best of the best. No way his crappy program will turn you into a godlike salesperson.

Second, he mentions $1,250 as the average commission per closed deal. It’s exaggerated as commission rates are usually 10% to 20% only. And no, you also won’t be typically selling a product worth $6250 – $12,500. A more reasonable figure would be $2,500 and that’ll net you around $250 – $500 per deal, not $1,250.

Third, he’s labelling this endeavor as something you can do part-time on your own terms. If cancellation and rescheduling doesn’t happen IRL, then sure I’ll let this one pass. But nope. Also, your schedule is basically tied to the client’s convenience, not on your preference. That’s definitely not working on your own terms.

6-Figure Inside Closer Program Review

Fourth, he’s also assuring that what he’ll give you are warm leads aka people who are already interested in what you’re selling. Obviously, it’s just another BS from Mike. I mean, he’s not giving any leads at all, let alone giving warm ones. Worst of all, the leads you worked hard to get yourself will be shared to him and his team (aka expect your lead to get stolen).

Fifth, he’s giving a money-back guarantee for all the purchases on his site. The reviews say otherwise. The usual common denominator among the complaints in Mike’s courses is about him not honoring refunds. 

And oh, I almost forgot to note the “escape the 9-5 grind” narrative by Mike. Well, his offer seems worse than a 9-5 job as there’s no mention of a baseline salary. Simply put, no sale means no pay. And of course,  jobs in sales and closing deals are usually a pressure-cooker simulator. If you ain’t charismatic, it’s not worth the stress.

The verdict will be straightforward here – I don’t recommend Mike’s 6-Figure Inside Closer program at all. Don’t be fooled by its cheap price, it’s like that to lure you into their sales funnel. And they’re quite aggressive in terms of pushing you to buy more of their pricier programs. I’m talking about daily calls and email to sell you their sh*t. Hard pass!

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