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AMZ Insiders Review (Jamie Davidson)

Jamie Davidson

Jamie Davidson is an Amazon FBA seller that claims to be getting around  one hundred million dollar worth of sales per year. He’s also an Amazon selling coach and eCommerce expert that founded the AMZ Insiders program. Him being a coach is aligned on his passion of helping others be successful just like him. That’s his words, but how about his actions? Can his AMZ Insiders program really help you to become a successful Amazon seller? Find out below.

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First off, let’s discuss the details regarding AMZ Insiders. The program, specifically the flagship course, is catered to beginners in the Amazon selling space. The free training, the one you watch before you can sign up for any of AMZ Insiders courses, is also showing how beginner-friendly the program is. Specifically, it’s in the way Jamie, the one also speaking in the training, mentions his Amazon millionaire seller secrets as something you can follow “without spending a fortune, wasting time, or any prior experience selling on Amazon.”

Speaking of the training, AMZ Insider’s site makes the training a requirement to watch rather than a suggestion. I feel like I had to say this because it’s one of the worst sites I’ve ever seen in terms of providing info on the go. Not even a vague line about the biz, just links to some recent blog posts and the legal stuff – privacy policy, terms of use, and the likes. 

For real, the site is as empty as a 9-5er’s wallet the day before their payday. If Jamie is thinking that providing less would give his site some clean aesthetic look, then he’s dead wrong. It looks like something made by a html newbie instead. It’s not a good look to me if this guy, a self-proclaimed millionaire, is not willing to spend some cash to get some decent looking site. Just sayin’. I’ll tag this as concern number one, I guess.

Anyway, back to the training, we got another confirmation in the “who is this for” spiel that he’s mainly in it for the beginners. Hop in, says him, if you’ve never sold on Amazon, but are either motivated to build a side hustle biz or motivated to soon quit your job and devote your full time attention to selling on the said platform. Hol’up, did he say side hustle?

Sure, he f*cking did just like the guys in Freedom by FBA program. That’s my concern number two right there. With the current saturated state of Amazon, treating it as a side hustle could be a recipe for disaster. It’s either your store fail or you experience some serious burnout to iron things out. Don’t underestimate the work you must complete yourself before Amazon can take over and do their FBA thang.

To cut the long story short, the main gist of AMZ Insiders that you can get from the hour-long training is building your “wildly successful Amazon business” with just one product while choosing a Chinese supplier. That’ll be taught in the program’s flagship course along with techniques on how to choose low competition products, sourcing tricks that can save you a five grand, ranking techniques to make your products end up in page one of Amazon  searches, and tips to get reviews on autopilot without getting in trouble for “gaming” the system. Pay the price of AMZ Insiders “Beginner’s Academy” course at $799.99 and you’ll get all of that plus an annual subscription of AMZ Scout.

AMZ Insiders Review

I like Jamie’s persistence to make the said course as beginner friendly as possible with the one product choice. I’m also pleasantly surprised that I can call his free training a legit one (and not only a sales pitch) as he really gives some useful insights on how he and his team behind AMZ Investors choose their product. But that’s about it, all I have left are concerns.

Aside from the choice of suppliers, I also don’t appreciate Jamie being a lesser version of  Franklin Hatchett with all the affiliate links he’s sneakily recommending. The behavior is already there in the free training and it’ll only get worse in the actual course. Same can be said with the price of other offers.

I’m pertaining to the more advanced “personalized Amazon seller’s mentor/consulting program” upsell of AMZ Investors that cost around $8,000 up to $10,000. Not only is it expensive AF, it’s also reviewed as a “complete waste of time and money” (also the reason Jamie should stick to beginner courses). Thus, I think AMZ Investors can only help you with starting your Amazon biz, but not in succeeding with one.

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