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Marc Wayshak states that a salesperson can come in two flavors. The first one is what he calls “Willy Wish-it-would-close.” What he is is that he’s constantly getting hung up in the air by his prospects. He spends a lot of his energy trying to show to others his value, hoping that he could at least close one sale, but all he gets are people who say they’re going to think it over first. The second one is what Marc calls the “Strategic Steve.” He’s constantly getting the leads. Whenever he’s offering something, the prospects listen to what he has to say. And he’s able to close the sales on many of his leads, therefore, his calendar’s jampacked.

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Marc then states that there’s a key difference that can determine if you’re a Willy or a Steve. “The difference between these two people isn’t as big a difference as you’d think. The solution is to throw out all of the old-school crap that we have been taught over the years. We need to completely flip the script right on its head. It’s time to stop being predictable and start to use an approach that your prospects do not expect, by coming in with value, creating strong conversations, and then letting the close naturally happen. There are seven keys to closing more sales in today’s marketplace.”

The first key that Marc mentions is that data is everything. Thus, you should get as much accurate data from your leads as possible. The most important data that you should get are their names, their email addresses, and their phone numbers. Each of them should be as accurate and active as possible, for you to get in touch with them. Depending on where you get your prospects’ data from, it can mean the difference between an answer rate of three percent, or forty percent. And speaking of getting in touch with them, Marc still thinks the old-school phone sale is still the best method out there. Social media, email, video sales letters, all of them have their place, but outside of standing face-to-face with someone, closing over the phone is still your best bet.

The second key is to basically make every approach we do as personalized as possible. Marc explains it like this, “The more we are personalized in our outreach on the phone, the more successful we are going to be. Prospects are so weary of telemarketers, of just salespeople who are dialing all day long. And so what we can do to really stand out is really personalize our message to our prospect. To show them that we know who they are, what’s going on, where they are, what company they work at, all that stuff. And then they’re more likely to open up to us.”

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The third key is to use something called a “power dialer.” It works exactly as it says. Instead of manually dialling those phone numbers everytime, you can simply automate some dialing tasks allowing you to contact multiple leads at the same time. It’s a godsend tool for companies that rely on high volumes of sales calls everytime. And it also saves your energy, so as you don’t get tired of manually dialing those numbers one at a time. Some of Marc’s sales peeps make as many as eighty calls an hour because of this. For manual dialers, that same level of output could easily end up taking an entire day.

The fourth key here is to avoid cold-calling. At all. Marc states that it’s outdated, unnecessary, and could only serve to annoy people even more. “You don’t have to make a purely cold dial to anyone. Because there’s other ways that you can reach out to your prospects first in order to start to warm up that relationship. So that way, by the time you make that first dial, if they answer the phone, they’re likely to know who you are. So leverage other mediums that are going to allow you to make sure that they actually have an idea as to who you are. Maybe it’s email, maybe it’s LinkedIn, maybe it’s another social media platform.”

The fifth key here is knowing your sales scripts. It doesn’t have to be word-for-word memorization, though. It just has to contain the essence of the script. Don’t just wing it. Everything you say has to have a point. Marc’s literally never seen a top performer who doesn’t use a script. The sixth key is that just one call isn’t enough. Remember to do it several times, on different days, at different hours, from different numbers. You may even need to call one lead multiple times for this to get the best closing results. The seventh point is, to stop selling, start getting the next step. Maybe it’s a follow-up call or a consult or hopping on Zoom. Whatever it is, just take it one step at a time.

If you can successfully implement these seven key points, then you’ll be closing sales like a pro everytime and earn money from doing so. If you need help on these seven key points, Marc Wayshak can help you with it. Sales Insights Lab has an Accelerator Lab you can join. Book a call with him to find out more. There’s no mention of how much the program costs. Or if you want to learn how you can get good leads only from two-page websites, click on the link below. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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