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Carey Peters and Stacey Morgenstern are the co-founders of Health Coach Institute, a program that teaches its students how they can build their own successful coaching programs. They also act as the lead instructors of the program. Both of them have a combined 26 years of experience being health and wellness coaches, not just locally, but internationally as well. But just because they’re successful health and wellness coaches don’t mean that they’re technically flawless human beings. In fact, the reason they were inspired to be health and wellness coaches is because they also have several imperfections and physical insecurities before.

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Stacey says, “When I first heard about coaching, I thought it was awesome. But I didn’t think I could do it because my life was a mess. And I thought, in order to be a coach, you had to be perfect. I figured coaches had to live this perfect life and look perfect and know everything. And I most certainly did not meet any of that criteria. And so I thought, ‘Surely I can’t do this.’ Because, when I was thinking about becoming a coach, I was at a place in my life where I had an eating disorder, I had body dysmorphia, I was not where I wanted to be with my career, I was not where I wanted to be financially.”

But instead of just sulking and being depressed over it, Stacey ignited his fighting spirit. She wanted to transform herself in an holistic way. She wanted not only a physical transformation, but also mentally and spiritually. “And I just had that feeling that coaching could give that to me and so I gulped and thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing this!’ and then I took the leap,” Since then, her life has changed drastically. And she felt that she wanted to help others with the change they want to make with themselves, so she, along with Carey, created this company.

Carey’s journey into the coaching business is roughly the same, and is less dramatic, but still inspiring nonetheless. “I was working in a grocery store as a professional cookie and pie taster, and after six years of eating cookies and pies and cakes every single day? You become weighted. This extra skin I was walking around in, I couldn’t find myself. And so I went seeking, and found this thing called coaching. And it was this thing that you could do from anywhere in the world. It’s about asking great questions, providing great dialogue with people, and in a way being both a catalyst and a witness for transformation. And I thought, ‘I want that for me,’ and once I got the experience of it, I knew I wanted to do it for other people as well.”

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But why should you become a health and wellness coach? Why should anyone engage in this business model? Stacey answers, “The world is in great need of compassionate warriors,. And today we are tasked with seeing where we can be one. So ask yourself: What role do I wanna play in the changing world? How will you change your skillset for this new world we find ourselves living in? It’s easy for all of us to be short-term driven during this time of crisis, but the people who will thrive will be those who invest in their well-being and in acquiring valuable skills. There’s no better time than now to invest in education for reinvention.”

Health Coach Institute (HCI) provides the platform needed to let you achieve just that. It contains several courses that will train you on how you can become a coach yourself. Whether you want to become a health and wellness coach or a nutrition coach, there’s a program that’s suitable for you. Health Coach Institute contains two entry training programs, two advanced programs, and one specialized program, for a total of 5 programs. It also aims to help you grow a virtual coaching business from scratch, allowing you to work from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As a remote health and wellness coach, you’ll be able to give great value and make great money.

Each of the programs included in HCI has a curriculum that lasts up to six months, except for some of the advanced courses, which can last up to a full year. Finishing the six-month courses will give you a very strong foundation on being a health and wellness coach, but you also have the option of taking some of the more advanced courses to further your knowledge. It costs $6,950 to get access to all of the courses of the Health Coach Institute. There’s no denying that the quality of the education they provide justifies the pricepoint. But I don’t really think everyone has the proper making of being a coach. And if you spent a lot of time and money for this course and you realize that it’s not the suitable business model for you, then it will just be a complete waste.

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