Remote Integrator Academy Review (Ravi Abuvala)

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala truly believes that remote integration is the number one skill to separate your time and money. With this skill, you’ll be able to work for less time while being paid handsomely. The most exciting part? You can do all of this online without the complications of starting your own biz. One of Ravi’s students mentions that his program teaching the skill is an “incredible and life-changing opportunity.” Or is it? Learn more about Remote Integrator Academy in my review below.

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Since I’ve already reviewed Ravi before, let’s skip the pleasantries about Mister Remote Integrator himself. Instead, let’s dive straight to the deets of Remote Integrator Academy. Obviously, the 90-day program will equip you with the right knowledge and skills to be a remote integrator. Here, he promised three things. I’ll enumerate them below along with my thoughts.

First, you’ll have the exact skillset that Ravi used to generate over $9m within three years. To translate this to a more meaningful number to students, that would be at least five figures ($20k) of monthly income, says him. Possible but improbable is what I’ll say with the said figure. Y’know, the type of promise that’ll surely invoke the income disclaimer that says results may vary. Just another day (another slay?) for Ravi who’s infamous for exaggerating his sh*t. Call him out and he’ll just point at the fine print saying that his overblown figures are not typical or average results. Ugh.

Second, he promised that you’ll have a client within the first 90 days of being in the Academy. In fact, he and his team will allegedly help you to land one through their placement program. He always emphasizes this as a selling point despite not really offering it often. In short, he doesn’t have enough clients to “give” and placed as an up-for-grabs as he has 1,400+ students after all. Not a good idea to get lured by a once in a blue moon opportunity. Just sayin’.

Third, he promised that this will be much different than your typical course.  According to him, what you’ll learn is an in-demand skill on an unsaturated market unlike SMMA, eCommerce, or sales. I doubt it as one of the important tasks of a remote integrator is setting up a sales funnel which is not new at all. Don’t get fooled by the cool-sounding title, it’s not really that unique.

That concludes his promises. How he’ll try to meet such starts with providing you access to Remote Integrator Academy’s core curriculum. The main topics discussed here are titled as follows: Program Introduction, The Success Mindset, Changing How You View Business And Systems, Getting Clients, How To Sell Yourself, Problem: Marketing And Sales, Problem: Client Fulfillment, Problem: Customer Retention, Problem: Lifetime Value, and Problem: Data Analysis.

Remote Integrator Academy Review

You’ll also get tutorials on how to use Google sheets and other softwares relevant to being a remote integrator such as GoDaddy, Zapier, and JotForm. There’s an obvious filler of a topic here too about creating generational wealth in investing, but I won’t really take it seriously as Ravi said it himself that it’s not financial advice. Even goes on to say that he really “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Then why didn’t he just STFU and leave this sh*t on drafts? This doesn’t make any sense at all unless he wants a piece on the stock trading space. Or maybe he’s just passionate with stocks that he doesn’t mind the obvious bullsh*tting.

Aside from the core curriculum, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group, access to an accountability group, coaching calls, and a (small) chance to be endorsed in the placement program. That’s his end of the bargain, but what about yours? Well, you just have to shoulder the hefty price of Remote Integrator Academy that cost $7,500.

Not gonna lie, the price alone makes Remote Integrator Academy not a worthy program for me. Too pricey given that the promises of Ravi are likely meant to be broken here. And oh, he’s reviewed as weak on actual systems too and annoyingly making hiring VAs the end-all-be-all solution to almost everything. He’s offering overpriced VAs himself, so it’s expected that he’ll sell ‘em hard. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised either that he’ll answer the question on how to end world hunger by hiring VAs. A+ for persistence, but I’ll give him a big fat F- for everything else.

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