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Intellibiz Review (Real Estate Investing)

Real estate investing is a thing nowadays but you can’t take the subject matter lightly. Not because you have all the money needed in order to invest doesn’t mean that your investment will exponentially grow in a matter of days or months. There are many factors to consider before entering the world of real estate investing, and Intellibiz is there to guide you to proper ways and strategies to become successful in this kind of setup, so they say.

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Bill Vaughn is a guru in the field of real estate investing. He has a long history behind him, and first he learned all about investing from his father, who has been investing in real estate since 1917, long before we were even born. He started investing in 1969, and in the 70s he perfected his own method of “flipping” properties. For those who are new, flipping means you’ll be reselling your bought property at a higher price, not just buy and sell tho, since you maintained and renovated the whole place for it to gain more value.

He is also the one responsible for coining one the most used word in real estate investment nowadays, “reverse mortgage” in 1985, which was then adapted by the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) and many other banks years after. And then again, for those who are new, reverse mortgage is where you sell a part of equity in your home for money without entirely selling the property. 

Another achievement that he has done in the world of real estate investing is the Double Escrow method that requires no cash nor credit. It is said that one can easily make a profit without even a single dime coming out from his own pocket. But how the hell did that happen? It is said to be that it comes with certain special agreements which is written in one of Bill’s programs “The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate”.  

They’re proud to say that if ever someone’s doing flipping or double escrow, they might be someone who learned from Bill directly or from someone Bill taught. Ever since he’s been teaching real estate investing strategies via word-of-mouth through his students and co-investors, he then decided to make a Christian non-profit publishing house (Intellibiz) to make his teachings and programs easy to access for the public.

Yes, you read that right. Not many other programs out there are cheap and let’s get real, effective and you can’t really tell if it’s your money’s worth, but with Bill’s team, co-investors which are professional investors that have at least 20 years of experience will serve as a coach for their non-profit organization. With the cost of $100, you will have access to “The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate” that has 24 methods in it to guide through your real estate investing journey.

The course also includes free unlimited coaching by Bill itself and many other experienced real estate investors as described earlier, a downloadable software that includes all contracts need when dealing with real estate properties, a simple spreadsheet that aids you property appraisals and 20 other related bonus books to help you earn more knowledge in real estate investing, all are written and published by Bill.

We all know that no one’s perfect. Not everyone will be pleased with what Bill is teaching, maybe because some of them just want a quick return of investments, a fast cash, or maybe just not compatible with the program he is teaching. We’ll never know, but statistics says that Bill’s course “The Simple Man’s Guide to Real Estate” has the highest student success rate out of all the other courses.  

To sum it all up, Intellibiz is a publishing house made by Bill and his club full of professional investors to create courses and programs that will teach people on how to properly deal with real estate investing. With the cost of $100, all access paid, and it also comes with a lifetime coaching with these professional people. It’s not a scam, and it’s just their way of giving back to people. All you need to do is to exert the same effort if not more to learn and become successful.

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