Internet Profits Review (Dean Holland)

Dean Holland believes that you always need to give a clear call to action on your marketing, whether it is in an email, a sales video, a letter or a content piece that you’re creating on your blog or social media post, if you want your readers/listeners to take action, you need to take the initiative and tell them to do it. You must not assume that just because there is an apply button or whatever it is in there, people will automatically join, per se. That’s his motto to a successful business.

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That’s his goal in mind when he created Internet Profits, to encourage people that this program has it all in terms of teaching/coaching you to become a better businessman/woman. Internet Profits is an online marketing training course that provides a variety of marketing strategies to grow or start your online business from scratch. It basically teaches you how to earn money via affiliate marketing.

Much more like an MLM, affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party affiliates who generate traffic and leads customers to the company’s product or services. At least if you’re new and want to try a business, you can pick any niche that you want to start off with, and then this program will help you on how to build your own website and your advertising strategies.

Even if you don’t have a preferred niche to begin with, you can just go with the make-money online niche and promote the program itself. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make a profit tho, so it’s still better if you already have a business in mind. He also has a youtube channel that is quite lacking, only having 2,000 followers, meaning that he didn’t give it enough time and focus to strive. We can’t blame him if there are other platforms that he uses to promote Internet Profits to the masses, can we?

The program itself costs $1997 and as I said earlier, it focuses on helping you build your own website and another thing is the sales funnel. It is known to be effective since there are a lot of good reviews about Internet Profits. You also get access to more content, advice, live events, and to the community where you can share and discuss all your thoughts and be successful together. Nothing beats when you help each other out, right? 

Once you’re done with the basics, he will then teach you how to create traffic with your preferred niche. This way, you can entice and lure more customers who are willing to buy your product or services. He will teach you how to find your target market and how you will use that to your advantage to strive more in your business. Connection is everything when it comes to affiliate marketing.

There are not that many courses online that don’t require you to promote the course itself, unlike Internet Profits which is a relief. You can make use of all of your time advertising and promoting your own line of products and services to the mass. And the program is also backed by a 30-day refund policy if ever you feel like this course is not for you, or you feel that it’s not working out the way you thought it should be. 

There may have been many positive reviews about Internet Profits, but little do we know that most of them are affiliates of the said course. Most of them are not really reviews, but rather a sales pitch for you to apply using their link which in return will earn them commissions for each person that applied to it. I’ve tried looking for reviews on TrustPilot, but there are little to no reviews about Internet Profits, which triggers my scam radar.

There may be people who are genuinely happy and thrived through the use of this program, but anyone can find it suspicious if there are no other reviews on TrustPilot other than those reviews that came from the affiliates itself. It sounds more like a recruiting scam where they’re just trying to find people to apply to the course for them to get commissions from which I do not agree with. You can still start your own business and try to open up first to your warm market. If anything goes well, then that would be your stepping stone to success.

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