Digital Lead Investing Review (Growth Cave)

Growth Cave

Digital lead investing is what Lucas Lee-Tyson of Growth Cave calls his business opportunity. It’s not the usual biz you’ll expect from a young lad like him. Not about the stock market nor cryptocurrencies. In fact, he’s not into trying to make the said “sexy” business ideas work. To him, scaling a cash flow business like what he offers is much better. “Much less risk, far bigger upside,” he mentions. Find out what it actually is in my review below.

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Turns out, the said business opportunity is all about setting up your very own digital agency or SMMA. Nothing new with the business model really, but the same can’t be said regarding Growth Cave’s course. There is a major tweak on the choice of paid ads here. From Facebook ads to YouTube ads in particular. Instead of being limited to retainer contracts to make money, Lucas also emphasizes its use now in advertising your very own course and/or service.

I’m quite surprised with the sudden change, not gonna lie. I’ve reviewed him not a very long time ago and if I recall correctly, he’s still hyping up Facebook ads to death. Then, months later, he comes up with this? Not that I don’t like the change, I just think that a change that seems to happen in a blink of an eye is worth noting. Heck, his change of heart is not really obvious too if you end up on the usual homepage of his program.

Well, alright, it shouldn’t be THAT surprising given his love for YouTube ads is already there before. Yes, he’s using it himself to promote his course despite not teaching about ‘em before. All the chatters I’ve seen on the forums also mentioned seeing Lucas on YouTube, not anywhere else. Not me, though. I think. Or maybe he pops up for some time, but his YouTube ads are probably not as memorable (or as ridiculous) as Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin (among other gurus) who I remembered seeing.

But yeah, like they say, old habits die hard. His choice of paid ads might be new, but him putting up some exaggerated figures to sell his course isn’t. Same ‘ol BS and too good to be true claims. This time, he’s talking about how to profitably scale to $100k a month using YouTube ads.

What’s worse is him mentioning that he became a multi-millionaire at 23 years young “thanks exclusively to YouTube ads.” Exclusively! No mention of Facebook ads at all which he previously credited for getting his millions. Doing his ex (choice of paid ads) dirty. Why, though? Not that Facebook ads can cheat on him like a bitch would, so I don’t get this behavior. Hmmm….

Digital Lead Investing Review

I mean, he did explain that the recent IOS 14 update made scaling with Facebook ads harder than ever. That all it’s getting is subpar, inconsistent traffic while being costly as ever. I agree on not recommending Facebook ads alright, but why throw all the mothaf*cking shade on it? The audacity to do it while he’s like completely sucking it off some months ago. Pretending no one will ever know that he once attributed his wins on it? F*ck outta here with that, the Internet does not forget and so do I.

Him going scorched earth on Facebook ads just to sell his new shiny paid ads of choice is already enough for me to not recommend his digital lead investing opportunity in Growth Cave. Like, it’s fine if you don’t like it now. It’s already garbo even before the said updates that hit conversion tracking, anyway. Won’t let his obvious lies pass, though. Not on my watch. And so I’m not down on paying an obvious liar and douchebag looking revisionist in Lucas. Not even a single cent.

Besides, it’s too costly for something reviewed as a copy paste of free articles on the internet. Specifically, the Growth Cave course, called now as the YouTube Ads Accelerator, costs around $1,497-$6,000. Would you pay that much just for compiling info you can research by yourself? I won’t and I hope you do the same as me. Not to mention his notoriety for not honoring refunds at all. A 30-day all questions asked policy is already bad enough. Him leaving your message on read to stall makes it much worse.

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