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Bruce Guan believes that you need to guard your mind against so much disinformation that’s prevalent in today’s world. With the advent of today’s technology, information can be readily accessible, but you have to be careful with what you take in, or it may backfire on you. He then claims that if you need quality training and education on how you can make a lot of money in the real estate industry, then his company, InvestMentor, is the program that’s right for you. After all, the main goal of InvestMentor is to make wealth easily accessible to anyone who really wants it (who doesn’t?)

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“Stand guard at the door of your mind,” Bruce says as he lays down the overview for InvestMentor. “I like that quote so much because it’s such a great reminder: you gotta be careful about what you let into your mind. In the modern world today we’re exposed to so much information. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, we’re always on our phones, looking around, you’re seeing billboards, all sorts of stuff. And for me, you’ve got to be really careful about what you’re focusing on and what’s going into your mind,” Bruce says, with regards to acquiring the wrong information, especially about the real estate industry.

InvestMentor emphasizes the point that success in real estate (or any business or investment venture for this matter) is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve if you’re alone. You’ll definitely need someone with more experience than you in a specific field to help you get the right information you need to apply to the venture. As InvestMentor’s Head of Property Joshua Ure says, “Everyone’s had a good accountant, everyone’s had a good lawyer, a good mentor, someone that they’ve shadowed, sometimes it’s even a boss, maybe it’s a life coach. Personally, I rely on heaps of people for advice. And so should you, but they gotta be the right people.”

And this is what InvestMentor aims to accomplish for its members. They’ve got the team, the research, the finance plan, access to off-market properties, plus the end-to-end support you’ll need in order to succeed as a property investor. You may think that you’re probably better off studying real estate using free resources via books and YouTube videos. However, InvestMentor claims that it won’t be enough. Because everything inside InvestMentor comes from real-life, in-the-trenches experience. Thus, you can be ensured that the lessons you receive here aren’t theoretical in nature at all.

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Unlike other real estate online courses around, Bruce doesn’t actually make any over-inflated income figures during his promotions. Yet he believes that even if you’re just earning $100 to $200 a week in real estate, you’re already considered wealthy. After all, the goal is to have an income stream that can one day completely replace your day job and grant you the financial freedom that everyone strives for. Eventually, once you put in some effort, you can scale it to $500 to $1,000 per week, all while being free from the struggles of working for The Man.

“And build up to the point where, when you retire, you know, you’re sixty-five years old? You’ve got something there, something to actually replace your job with. You’ve got a hundred thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars coming in passively. That’s real wealth. That’s what it’s all about. It’s got nothing to do with how much you earn; it’s got everything to do with how you earn it. But most people never got started investing in real estate because they’re too fearful, they’re too risk-averse,” Bruce further states. And with InvestMentor, he claims that it’s doable.

InvestMentor is a real estate investment firm and education company based out of Sydney, Australia. It claims to provide the necessary tools and training that you’ll need to help you succeed in the real estate industry, while as much as possible reducing the risks associated with it. Cost is a one-time fee of $4,997 or six monthly installments of $997. Overall, it doesn’t seem to stand out from all the other real estate education courses out there. It’s also quite a new company, so it’s very difficult to determine its current reputation compared to the others. Though I’m already seeing various complaints about this company on sites like Reddit, so I suggest that you either tread carefully, or just avoid this altogether. Better yet, forget about any of these courses, and build a much better business venture. Like, for example, digital real estate.

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