Automated Investor System Review (Dolmar Cross)

Dolmar Cross

Dolmar Cross is very persistent in showing how his Automated Investor System will enable you to work from practically anywhere in the world. In his Instagram, he’s posting photos of him doing his biz on a fancy resort, on a breezy beach with clear waters, or even a place I have no idea where but has dinosaur’s fossil in it. Well, the pandemic has definitely shown that remote work is possible but Dolmar claims that this isn’t your ordinary 9-5 job since you’ll also earn at least five figures from it. Read the review below to know how.

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Dolmar offers a free webinar as long as you’re willing to give him your name and email. Not a big deal for most people but just a word of caution, some programs would nag you non-stop once you provide them your contact info. I’ve been there and it’s kinda tiring to hit the unsubscribe button especially when they’re deliberately hiding it or making the process tedious. 

Back to the webinar, it claims to show you how to make up to $20,000 in a month or less as a “connector” with houses you find online. The site also has a banner that says their app “lets you make recession-proof Money in real estate starting without cash, credit, or any experience.” Such claim is just BS, quite frankly. Dolmar’s method is no different from traditional real estate, you can’t just say that it’s recession proof. Starting without cash is misleading too, it’ll be less costly relative to five figures capital requirement for other real estate methods, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be cheap.

To summarize, the webinar is just a sales pitch to one of Dolmar’s paid courses named Your First Deal (YFD) workshop. To be fair, he did explain in the webinar the gist of what he’ll be teaching on his paid courses and hyping up the software that is the most necessary component in his method according to him. Well, it is necessary to make it possible to work virtually, but it’s not the “most powerful” out there for sure.

Cutting all the unnecessary fluff, the business that Dolmar suggests is a version of wholesaling where you’ll be connecting buyers and sellers so they close a deal while you get a commission via the mark-up you set aka “finder’s fee.”Basically, you’ll use Dolmar’s system and app to find possible deals. Find motivated sellers through the app and cold-call them until one agrees to your suggested conditions. Then, you’ll pair them to a buyer that you’ll also find through the app. Another cold-calling spree but with potential buyers until you find the one that’ll close the deal. Rinse and repeat and you’ll earn the markup you’ve set which is at least four figures a pop. It’s like playing Cupid and matchmaking people but in real estate.

To start, you’ll pay $497 once for YFD and $97 monthly for the app’s access. Sounds affordable, right? Sad to say but it’s a trap, the extra fees and upsells makes this training very costly. Apparently, the subscription fee for the app doesn’t account for the cost of lead which is $.10 a pop. Sounds cheap but mind you, you’ll need a lot of leads for this biz and you’ll pay for all of them regardless of seeing results or not. On the other hand, the upsell would be the 6-month mentorship program that costs $8,997. Like the webinar, YFD is just a sales pitch of the mentorship in disguise. All I can say about the mentorship is it’s too expensive and unnecessary, period.

Automated Investor System Review

I have alluded to this before but their app is not that great, to be honest. You’ll be better with other skip tracing apps. Not only do you get a cheaper app without all the unnecessary bling bling accompanying it, you’ll also be more assured of its quality. I mean, none of the “you’ll be lucky to find an accurate number and a legit seller” reviews like Dolmar’s app.

To conclude, I do think that Dolmar’s business model could work but it’s not that easy to execute in practice. Compare this to its digital equivalent where you can let the site and result speak for itself, you’ll have to be good at negotiating so they agree to your conditions. Sad to say, the business being like playing Cupid stops at its effort requirement. Unlike Cupid where he can shoot whoever and call it a day, you have to try so damn hard with all the cold-calling.

Besides, I don’t think that the said model is that complicated. You don’t need to purchase any of Dolmar’s expensive courses, there’s actually free resources on the internet that’ll teach you this. All you have to do is find your own skip tracing app to get leads which is not that difficult as well.

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