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Investors Alley Review

There a lot of different places that you get financial advice. Whenever I watch videos, I would often get a lot of ads for programs that will teach you about the basics of the stock market and trading. A lot of have different strategies on how they invest and trade in the stock market. Often times, it’s hard for you to get a handle on the basics of. Partly because there are so many different strategies being offered by different people.

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Investors Alley is a website that talks a lot about investment trading and the stock market. There are a lot of articles pertaining to different industries that you can buy stock from. They offer insights to what is happening in the market based on current events. The website is seemingly run by six main editors namely Tim Melvin, Tim Plaehn, Jay Soloff, Serge Berger, Rick Rouse and Tony Daltario. There’s also some guy named Jared who is apparently the president of Investors Alley and only makes an appearance in a product page when you click on a link in the Investors Alley website.

Similar to what Contrarian Outlook or The International Man’s Contrarian Insider provide, the really meaty stuff is hidden within the subscriptions to different newsletters. The articles are well and good. Some articles have videos attached to them where the authors go through a bit through their processes in picking stocks. But a huge chunk of the information is hidden behind a paywall. Investors Alley provide different newsletters depending on the kind of topic you want to know more of. It’s interesting to see them branch out to different newsletters instead of putting some of the posts on their website through a paywall.

Interestingly enough, the prices for each newsletter varies wildly among one another. A few newsletters, like 11-Day Trader and 30-Day Double up, cost $197 a month. Others, like Profit Wheel 360 will cost you a one-time fee of $1,497. If you’re somebody who just getting into investing and stock trading, that’s a lot of money that you’re putting out just to get access for information. Maybe you’ll be able to part ways with that kind of money because eventually your investments to the stock picks that they will recommend to you will reach earn you back that amount. But investments take a long time for them to be profitable.

I can’t imagine that the knowledge and expertise they have is worth that kind of money. It seems bad to devalue people’s expertise like that. But ordinary people may not have that kind of money to waste. $1,497 is probably enough for a weeks worth of groceries. But for a newsletter that’s going to tell you to buy thousands of dollars worth of stock for a certain trade? It just doesn’t seem worth it.

You can’t really expect to immediately earn from your investments if you’re starting out. You don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and all that. Even Investor Alley has a disclaimer at the bottom of their website that none of them are actually licensed to provide any investment advice or broker any deal based on the information they give to you. Everything that they post is just for “educational purposes” and they can’t be liable for any losses made in trading and investing. A lot of websites that offer up some form of financial information have that kind of disclaimer.

So it doesn’t really make sense why you’d want to give them hundreds or thousands of dollar just to give you information that may or may not give you financial success. Investing and trading has a lot more risks than reward because the stock market is such a complicated place for anyone without any prior knowledge. It’s possible that some of the information that they provide may shape your investment decisions. But you have to be willing to take the risk that the $2,500 you may pay to buy stocks may not have great returns.

Success in trading and investing is never guaranteed. You are going to lose a lot before you gain something. Even then, the gains may or may not be worth the money that you put into it. I can’t really recommend you to purchase any subscriptions to any of their newsletters. The investment in them doesn’t seem worth it. And there have been some reviews that their refund policies kind of suck.

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