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Understanding how the stock market works can be such a daunting task. For something that plays a large part in how the economy, it’s not a place that will handhold you at every step of the way. Fortunately, there are a lot of different people who have created different types of content on what exactly goes on in the stock market. If you search for videos about it on YouTube, you are likely to find hundreds of videos from a diverse group of people. One such person is Invest With Henry.

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Invest With Henry is a company that was founded by Henry Moldavskiy in 2020. Henry has a lot of experience working in the world of finance. He studied finance and business analytics in college. Then he went on to work at a trading company and then eventually worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. He has the knowledge and experience that is essential to the things that he talks about on his YouTube channel.

Henry actually didn’t last long in Goldman Sachs. The reasoning, based on his official biography, is that he was earning more money through options trading than he was at his job. He started options trading while he was in college. It was through the things that he learned from school and his job at Goldman Sach that helped him grow the value of his portfolio two almost $2,000,000 in just a few years. If a guy can manage can do that, maybe so can you.

That’s why he started Invest With Henry. It mainly started out as a YouTube channel where he post videos about trading and the stock market. Looking at his first few uploads, it took him a few tries at the type of content that would do well. He managed to get a few hundred views per video that he posted. It took about four months for trying to get a video rack up at least a thousand views. Bear in mind, we’re about two months or so into the pandemic at that point.

It sort of snowballed from there. As people were inside for a good year or so, they watched a lot of different content online. Henry was getting thousands of views, his subscriber count went up because of it. The Invest With Henry brand was growing decently for a very niche topic. With a relatively solid following, he started to branch out into different ventures. The most common one is a coaching program.

Henry’s coaching services cost an annual fee of $1,200. It’s definitely a lot of money to pay upfront for the mentorship program. You basically get 1-on-1 coaching sessions from him every week. He helps you go over your portfolio every month where he provides some guidance regarding the trades you’re doing. He also shares his signals on the right time to buy and sell certain stocks. Or you could just copy what Henry’s doing if you want guaranteed results. Fairly standard stuff with this specific type of coaching.

There are other membership programs that you can be a part of. But you will be part of a private Discord server or Telegram channel in some of them. It’s kind of nice to have that kind of bonus to a program. Sometimes, it’s great to talk to people who share something in common. All of them are about options trading so I’m not really sure why there are four different programs that are about the same thing. But I guess each program has better focus on certain aspect of options trading.

Aside from the cost of joining one of the programs that Invest With Henry offers, you will also need to put out money in buying trades. Trading in the stock market requires you to invest a lot of money into it. A lot of websites that talk about trading would often mention that you should put an amount of money you’re willing to part with. Because you never know how the market will be at any given time. Maybe it’ll be beneficial to you, maybe not. But you need to be willing to take the risks that are involved with it.

If you want to learn about the basics of options trading, you are probably better off studying through free resources. There are a lot of websites out there that provide information that’s easy to understand. I mean, you probably wouldn’t have been aware of Invest With Henry if you weren’t looking for videos about options trading in the first place. While Henry has found some success with his trading portfolio, it’s not guaranteed that those trades will give you the same results.

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