iPEC Coaching Review (Cost, Concerns)

While researching for this post, I was really surprised when I found out that there were actual learning institutions that taught you how to be a coach. I had actually assumed that becoming a life coach involved a person living through adversity for most of their life. And then one moment that happened later one would push them into becoming a person who motivates hundreds of people sitting in a conference hall somewhere downtown. That’s the most extreme case I could have imagined. But I didn’t know that there were actual places that you can learn how to be an effective coach.

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One such places is the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, or more commonly known as iPEC. It’s a learning institution that was founded by Bruce D. Schneider in 1999. There isn’t much to be known about Bruce since most of the biographies that’s available doesn’t really go into that much detail. Based on the biography that’s on the official iPEC website, he got into an accident that left him on his deathbed when he was 18 years old.

Like I said in the opening paragraph, there are often times that people who get into coaching would come from an event that happened in their lives. For Bruce, it was the second chance he got that he decided to make something of himself. He apparently studied to become a licensed psychotherapist. And it was through that that lead him to become a motivational coach.

Eventually, all the experience and knowledge that he got from being a successful motivational coach that lead him to establish iPEC. I’m still so surprised to find out that there are actual places where you can learn to become a motivational coach. I honestly thought that all you need is to practice how to speak with conviction and then you’re done. But when I found out that you actually kind of have to be a certified coach or at least a member of the International Coaching Federation, I was really stumped by how many things you have to learn and do in order to be a professional coach.

There are two training programs that iPEC provides. The first is the Life & Leadership Potentials training program which is a three-day 30-hour intensive program that goes through 30 of the core skills that you will need as a coach. It’s basically an introductory program that you can take if you want to have the skills that’s necessary to being a coach but aren’t ready to commit to being a professional one. This course costs $2,495. It’s a very high price for such a short amount of time. Like, you’re basically spending at least $800 per day.

The second training program is the ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program. This is the program that you have to take if you want to have the accreditation needed to become a professional coach. The program takes three separate three-day sessions that could be done in-person or online. Through this program, you will have attained 200 hours worth of training experience. And you will earn three different certifications once you finish it. This program has a lot more features compared to the Life & Leadership Potentials program. But the cost for this program is $13,995. That’s a lot of money to put into becoming an actual accredited coach. Especially for a 9-day program.

Once you’ve gotten your accreditation through the program, you will probably make your money back eventually. But that kind of money still seems like a lot such a big investment. There will probably be a lot of companies who will hire people with those kinds of skills. Not everyone can shell out that kind of money though, even if you choose to pay it in installments. So I don’t really recommend the main training program that iPEC provides. You are probably better off with trying out the Life & Leadership Potentials program if you really want to have a glimpse of how professional coaches do their thing.

It’s good that iPEC also offers virtual sessions nowadays. Even so, I still can’t get over how expensive the main training program is. I have searched for other ICF-accredited institutions and some of them offer similar programs that iPEC does for roughly the same price of iPEC’s Life & Leadership Potentials Program.

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