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Ippei Kanehara Review

Ippei Kanehara

Ippei Kanehara shared that you need to develop high-income skills first before starting a business. He heeds the advice of his mentor Dan Lok that says “mindset alone is not enough, you need the mindset and the skillset.” This is why he offers to equip his students in his course with a skill on Lead Generation combined with SEO, one of the best in making money online. Read this review below to know more about Ippei Kanehara and his Lead Gen course.

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Ippei Kanehara is an internet marketer who found success in the lead generation industry. He created a lead gen course that offers global and local SEO ranking strategies in 30+ hours step-by-step training videos, call tracking software (albeit limited), regional events access, email and phone negotiation templates, a beginner friendly website builder, an automated prospecting software, live training calls twice a week, and access to an exclusive Facebook group.

He was stuck at a boring traditional 9-5 job after four years of study at Michigan State University before. Unlike most people who chose to stay with it, he resisted the norm and find another career path to escape the unbearable office work. Luckily for him, he had found the Lead Generation business model which suited him perfectly. Not only he was able build, rank, and then rent the websites to local businesses but also he is able to diversify his revenue stream.

Ippei also mentioned on his site that he also ventured on other business models such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and Facebook Marketing. However, he notes that Lead Generation is the clear stand out. For him, this is the best model in digital marketing in terms of consistency, sustainability, and scalability.

While I agree on Ippei on his take on Lead Generation being one of the most lucrative business models out there, I have reservations on learning the said model from him and his program for several reasons.

First is his claim of lead generation biz being a passive income with startup costs being “next to nothing”. According to him, he does not do any work after ranking a site and it only requires $30-$50 to start. Both are not true especially the cost since you need to consider the following before setting up your own site: Website and domain hosting that cost at least $100 monthly, call trackers at $87 a month, email autoresponder at $15 a month, and keyword research tool at $60 a month.

To add, the cost of his course is too steep at $4,860-$8,778. This is also with unclear rules on refund and customer service support. There are other reputable courses out there that can provide a similar training and services related to Lead Generation and SEO but for a more affordable price.

Another reason I cannot recommend Ippei is him suggesting using illegal black hat technique to rank websites. Specifically, he is suggesting the use of Private Blog Network (PBN) and intentional backlinking to rank sites relatively quickly compared to legal methods.

Ippei Kanehara Review

This is not recommended since the improvement in time to rank is not significant and you just risk wasting your time and effort ranking a site once you are caught red-handed using the illegal technique. Ultimately, working in SEO and Lead Generation biz takes time to get results and it is much better to be patient with legal methods. After all, building using genuine methods is a must to achieve long-term sustainability in any business.

He also claims to have learned from Dan Lok who is being labeled by many as a scam artist that only became a millionaire in selling low quality coaching programs. Ippei may not be directly involved in his mentor’s business but always be careful on transacting with someone who linked themselves to sketchy individuals. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.”

To conclude, Ippei Kanehara is a legitimate person that offers a legitimate business model in Lead Generation. He is also providing an actual product when you sign up on his rather expensive course. However, I do not suggest learning the said biz on his course since there are a lot of better courses in terms of credibility, comprehensiveness of curriculum, and cost.

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