It Works! Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Historians believed that the civilization of Ancient Greece practiced the use of body wraps on a daily basis. Why? Because the armor, especially by their warriors, is too tight, which compresses their skins, fats, and even muscles to look strong in the face of the enemy. But now, the use of body wraps is intended to improve the texture and appearance of one’s skin by helping it to get rid of the body’s excess fluids and toxins.

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It Works is a company founded in 2001 by the husband and wife Mark and Cindy Pentecost. The name feels like it came from an unexpected turn of events, like you’re trying to experiment on something then test it, and finally you’re seeing results. Shouted It Works! Then there you have it, a company name that sells a product which is indeed working. 

That’s the story of these two lovebirds. After a lot of thinking Mark has done on what product they would like to introduce, he settled for a body wrap. All of his ideas and experiments were supported by his wife, and is even willing to be the one who will try it out. After days of trying and testing, it finally showed results. The two then realized that maybe this product can reach a lot of people. And it does, up until now. 

It Works! became famous worldwide because of their flagship product, Ultimate Body Applicator, the body wrap itself. Dealing with the health and wellness niche, they specialize in the weight loss department. They have invented a gel that works well with the body wrap to give better results on weight loss and skin toning. And they also have keto coffee brews that also aids with your weight loss journey.

Other products are for skin care like toners, cleansers and exfoliating peel. Everyday essentials like probiotics, Omega-3 complex and other supplements for nutrition. Energy drinks and protein shakes for the energy and endurance department. Essential and coconut oils, minerals for the lifestyle products. They also sell merchandise like tshirts, jackets, workout clothes and accessories. There really is a vast variety of products that will cater to each and everyone that concerns health and wellness.

To become one of their independent marketers, which they call Wrapeneurs, there’s a start up fee that costs $49.50 that includes a Business Starter Kit. The kit comprises 4 UBAs (the flagship product), product catalog, marketing materials and a business card. They also offer online training, personal mentorship program, personal development coaching, a customized website that will help you keep track of your business, all for free for your first 30 days as a Wrapeneur. 

They offer a retail commission which basically earns you an amount based on the difference of the retail price and the whole sale price of the product you’re about to sell. I’ve seen on some posts that the retail commission is only 10% which is rather low compared to other MLM companies, if that’s true. They also have a loyal customer bonus which will earn you additional income by signing up a loyal customer that buys regularly. These are all paid monthly.

Their way of compensating Wrapeneurs is based on a unilevel compensation structure. The more your recruited members do well in being a distributor under you, the more you get residual income. That’s what most if not all MLM companies do. And the more successful your team becomes, the higher the chance of getting promoted into higher ranks which will give you even more bonuses. All that depends on the amount of time and effort you’ll be exerting to achieve such a feat.

Even though they have a wide variety of products to choose from, it is still not easy to sell them, why? Because they’re already in a saturated market. There are a bunch of companies offering the same products with different prices and components. To name some are Plexus and Xyngular who are both in the health and wellness niche. And this is concerning because It Works requires a monthly sales quota.

They require a 150 PV monthly quota to their Wrapeneurs and let’s say it is a 1:1 ratio with dollars. So you are required to sell at least $150 worth of products to qualify for commissions. If not met, you have to buy the remaining yourself. To give you an example, let’s say you only sold $50 worth of product, you need to buy another $100 worth to qualify. And then the commission is only 10%. So you will be paying $100 just to earn $15.

This is one of the reasons why almost 99% of the people who join MLM lose money, according to the FTC. Yes, It Works is a legit company, but not a good opportunity to start a business, and dream to acquire financial freedom as most MLM companies promise because only those who already are at the top of the chain earns money from newcomers like yourself.

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