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Jacob Caris Reviews

A one-day sudden millionaire is what everyone wishes to be but not with Jacob Caris. He has his own fair share of mistakes, and he doesn’t want the same things that happened to him happen to you too. Not all things that you see are as easy as you think it is. Every success has its own struggles and challenges before people achieved it, and you can use Jacob as one the examples of those who faced challenges before he became what he is today. Learn more about him in my review below.

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Jacob Caris is formerly from Australia but decided to move to New York to begin his American dream and started his 9-5 grind working in finance. Realizing that doing the everyday grind doesn’t lead him to something made him look for other ways of making money online. After days and weeks of doing research, he discovered that affiliate marketing might be a good choice for him to start with. He decided to join ClickFunnels and other high-ticket affiliate marketing programs like Legendary Marketers.

A top affiliate of Brunson’s ClickFunnels and Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer, those are just some of the achievements Jacob reached after 2 years of dealing with affiliate marketing. He’s now one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry, having 5k youtube subscribers and almost 2k followers on facebook as of writing this review. Those are not your average numbers when you look at someone else’s profile, so yeah, maybe he has inspired a thousand lives with his ways.

He believes and has experienced it first hand that doing affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight. Don’t try what you don’t know is the second principle that he believes in and that will lead you to his third which is the importance of having a good mentor. An extensive research will help you find someone that can teach strategies that are gonna work for you. Investing in a course that you think can help you scale up your business will do its job when done properly.

After all that talk, he believes that he is the mentor that you’re looking for. Jacob created the Super Affiliate Accelerator program, a third course after he’s done DreamCar Profit and the Platinum Secrets Course. The SAA is a six-week training course that teaches people how to leverage Facebook groups to sell high-ticket products for a commission. You ask, why affiliate marketing? Well, simply because you don’t need to own a product, you just need to create traffic.

Creating traffic for promoting high-ticket programs will earn you big commissions. By big, it is just a hundred or a thousand dollars for every single sale depending on the price of the product. Jacob has something called the “MOCA” blueprint. It means Mindset, Offer, Conversion and Audience. The idea is to show you how to get high-quality leads and combine them with a proven sales process to earn commissions.

These things are included in the modules on his Super Affiliate Accelerator program. It contains the introduction where they give you insights about the strategy that you’ll be using, mindset module that gives you tricks to succeed and avoid failure, a module that will help you pick a niche, create contents and building a network on the chosen niche, monetizing your high-ticket offers and then closing the deal, either by call or messenger because their primary platform for traffic is the Facebook.

The program has 3 different membership plans. The basic membership plan costs $1500 and it includes core training and an opportunity to join their affiliate program. The core membership costs $3000 one time pay or $1300/month for 3 months and it includes all perks in the basic with an additional access to weekly calls and private Facebook group for support. The deluxe one costs $5000 and it includes all things in the core but with an additional perk of having coaching sessions with the man himself, Jacob Caris.

From what I’ve read, it’s not unlimited coaching with Jacob, instead it only consists of 2 calls, 1 hour each session which is not that great of a deal. And some contents of these modules can be read or watched from tutorials online for free. And in affiliate marketing, you’re telling someone to buy a program from you and tell them to do the same to get commissions, which sounds a little bit like pyramiding. All is well and good until you get to the FTC’s radar, though. Might as well move away from these programs as far as you can before it gets all sketchy.

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