Mike Jacques Review (Laptop Lifestyle)

Laptop Lifestyle

Mike Jacques offers you to step into his shoes and see how far it takes you. No Nikes involved here, this is just another boomer’s way to advertise a biz offer to you. He already dragged his ass from a lame 9-5 job to the so-called laptop lifestyle, so you better accept his offer, or so he says. Curious about what Mike refers to as a laptop lifestyle? Is he legit or just a “fake it ‘til you make it” guy? Find out in the review below.

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First of all, let’s talk about Mike’s backstory that encouraged him to pursue a laptop lifestyle. From his site, he  mentions that he had a lightbulb moment in his late 40’s. This moment refers to him not being satisfied with his current work.

For most people, they’ll probably fall head over heels for his work. No objections here as the man is claiming that he had no university degree whatsoever but earning a six-figure salary year after year (sales job, btw). This includes business trips and training sponsored by his company. Essentially, traveling around the world for free.

Despite all of that, he isn’t happy. He realized that he’s always putting work number one, personal life number two. That realization and cold truth hit him hard. It’s like a soap opera slap in the face. He noticed how the traditional work setup made him a terrible husband (and he’s getting a divorce for this) and father. All the time, he’s thinking and acting all for the sake of his sales job. This made him quit the said lucrative job.

After a series of unfortunate events sprinkled with some bright spots (guy hit the Tinder jackpot and married his “love at first swipe”), he decides to only work, or should I say only make money, through a way that’s devoid of the toxic 9-5 grind. He ain’t trading time for money again and so he made a list that’ll be the criteria for a laptop lifestyle biz that he wants for himself (and for you).

The said criteria for a laptop lifestyle biz are as follows: be able to work on your own terms (time and geographical freedom); low capital and labor requirement; no traditional selling and cold-calling; interesting and align with one’s passion; highly automated; unlimited earning potential that can surpass the six-figure a year sales job mentioned earlier; and an ethical endeavor that’ll you to give back to the community.

Through watching endless Youtube videos, usually  about digital entrepreneurship and self-improvement videos from Andy Harrington and Tony Robbins, he came across an ad. This ad made him find an opportunity that fits his laptop lifestyle biz. The same opportunity that he’s encouraging you, side hustle and biz seekers, to sign up for. Unsurprisingly, he calls it Laptop Lifestyle too.

Sounds great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it only sounds good on paper, but the actual opportunity, once revealed, is nothing but BS. Why so? Well, Mike’s offer is just an affiliate link to a controversial program called Six Figure Mentors (SFM). Funny he’s talking about wanting an ethical biz when he’s promoting a borderline scam of a program like SFM.

Mike Jacques Review

The price is not too eyebrow raising at the start. $297 one time payment plus $97 monthly payment for continuous subscription. But once you’re in, you’ll get pressured to buy numerous upsells that cost around $2,500-$20,000. And also, reports have shown that recruiting is the primary, if not the only, way to make money in SFM. The training material as a product is just an excuse for them to not be an obvious pyramid scheme.

I mean, if it ain’t a pyramid scheme after all, then it’s an MLM biz which is not much better than the former. As the FTC notes, most people who join MLMs, even the legit ones, make little or no money. Heck, the odds of winning a $10k lottery among 10k people is 300 times higher than getting any coins with MLM. That’s how bad it is.

I don’t think Mike is a “fake it ‘til you make it” guy. In his blog, he never said crazy claims like being a millionaire and/or having a collection of Lambos and G-Wagons. Can’t say if he’s legit either. Sure, the Laptop Lifestyle biz has made him really work from home, but it isn’t an ethical biz for sure. I’ll advise to steer away from his offer, definitely not a profitable biz for anyone but him and SFM.

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