Dylan Jahraus Review

Dylan Jahraus

Miss Top 0.1% seller and millionaire Dylan Jahraus shares five essentials for achieving a $40k a month revenue on Etsy. And IMHO, they’re not worth enumerating as she didn’t explain the “hows”. What I’ll say is what stood out to me, which is her advice to delegate routine tasks. Hire help, she says, but when it came to that “attorney’s letter”, seems like she didn’t. Scroll below for the scoop.

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Looking at it myself, I don’t think a lawyer write it or anyone who can at least write a passable legal document, for that matter. I mean, what law firm sends legal action through Reddit DMs? No legit ones would, AFAIK. Hell, why even namedrop a tax cases lawyer for a defamation suit? Girl, we know it’s just you.

The worst part is, this whole situation is about her trying to remove someone’s negative review about her crappy, overpriced Etsy training [we’ll talk more about this later]. But since she’s not-so-bright, t’was kind of obvious that she has nothing but empty threats.

She’s not-so-bright indeed, as she sent those [threats to sue] on an account that’s replying with glowing reviews on a “Dylan’s course is a scam, sort of” exposé. Y’know, maybe in hopes of drowning the real, scathing ones out. There, she even mentioned how those with opposite sentiment as hers are just “too negative”, pfft.

Someone quips, “She should have paid someone for a Reddit course before she pulled this clownery.” She and her cohorts didn’t think it through. Still, we can’t discount how she’s a tool. Perhaps not the sharpest one, but still a tool, regardless. She deceives people into buying her crap, and she’ll hoodwink them again into deleting their honest feedback.

Nope, I don’t think she’s level-headed, no fluff guru as she claims on her profile. What she ain’t lying about is her being a navy spouse and mom of two boys. Surprisingly, she has her own Etsy shop [BegoniaRoseCo] as well, although it isn’t selling digital products, and it isn’t doing very well, at least recently. Miss top 0.1% seller who?

Yet she’s still pretending to be a digital products expert and a consistent six-figure earner. Cap. Perhaps it’s also the reason why she’s so desperate to censor what’s real deal about her training offers. That’s her only moneymaker right now.

Now, what are the said training offers of Dylan, then? First is the course, her so-called step-by-step blueprint with over forty hours of video training. Which is her just telling buncha outdated crap, coughing every so often ‘cause why not, and calling it a day. Cost is $2,500.

Then, there’s the coaching via Zoom call where she claims to one-on-one audit your shop and provide customized pricing strategy, product mix development, and the likes. The price of Dylan’s coaching starts at $6.5k, up to $9k.

Y’all think that’s about it? You and me same, but nope! And it’s the most ridiculous one, IMHO. Like, why would getting access to a Facebook group cost a freakin’ grand? What gives? As a Redditor mentions, “Takes a lot of audacity to charge people $1k to join a Facebook group.”

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Dylan as a mentor. Why would I, people left and right are calling her offers a complete scam. Well, she could argue that it technically isn’t since she’s still sending something, albeit crappy.

Dylan Jahraus Review

That’s a huge problem ‘cause she can claim that your refund request is not valid, and just “buyer’s remorse”. And while she failed at damage control [in terms of removing negative reviews], she can force you into paying her in full by putting it on your credit or into collections.

If y’all really want to learn how to start selling with Etsy, there are so many useful resources available online. No need to pay a single dime. Like, for instance, Etsy themselves provides a handbook for their sellers. Read it, read it thoroughly, and read it every so often as things gets updated.

Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of selling at Etsy as a biz. It’s hella saturated, thanks [or no thanks] to dropshippers flooding the site with mass-produced junk and uninspired PODs. With Etsy raising their fees, a “normal” seller would also be left with little to no profit margin. Yeah, no, it’s not worth the hassle for me.

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