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Jaime Higuera Review (School Of E-com)

School Of E-com

Jaime Higuera welcomes website visitors of his School of E-com in a rather unusual way. I’m referring to having that weird ass video that is in no way closely related to eCommerce. Well, maybe beside the clip of him writing something on a whiteboard. The rest includes a gorilla face wipin’, a flower suddenly bloomin’, and Drake hotline bling dancin’. In fairness, that really caught my attention and made me write a review about the said program down below.

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I can sense that y’all just like me, letting out a sigh because you and I are like, eh, Jaime’s School of E-com thingy is just ‘nother Amazon FBA or dropshipping training program. Nothing new, nothing unusual unlike the video I mentioned earlier. Well, I was wrong as it turns out. Should’ve paid more attention to the headline on the site that mentions Jaime’s business model as something that doesn’t require selling of products.

Sure, you’ll be working with the typical eCommerce peeps here, but you’re not one of them. Instead, you’re an agency guy or an agency gal. So, it’s actually, er, just ‘nother SMMA course. But wait, Jaime has something to say about that. As if hearing my thoughts, dude claims to be doing something different. He’s like, sure, I used to call ourselves an eCommerce  marketing agency, but not anymore. It’s more of an eCommerce accelerator now.

So, yup, a different label other than the same ‘ol marketing agency, but does it really matter? Personally, I don’t think so. Regardless, let’s see where this accelerator talk would lead us. Continuing the convo, he reveals some interesting figures about his own agency. Then Mogul Z Media, Eqom.io is giving Jaime around $130k a month, a figure that’s projected to go up to $250k within the year or so he says.

It’s not always sunshine, though. Jaime admits that it took him a long time to figure it all out. Around three years ago, it earned him zero. Then, it took about one year and a half to push it around $10k a month. Which reminds me of Drake in THAT video. Jaime definitely portrays the biz he had to the tune of the singer-rapper’s iconic “started from the bottom, now we’re here” chant.

And would you look at that, he continues to blabber about how his agency started. I’d rather skip this part because, hey, who cares if the product manager here is a very close friend of his, or that the so-called head of E-com is his brother. The latter could be a display of nepotism, but I couldn’t care less in this type of setting. But I won’t skip it, not all at least, because he mentioned something that actually irked me. That is, him hiring a sixteen year old copywriter.

Jaime Higuera Review

The age is completely fine under US laws, I should say. They are the so-called “old minors” that are allowed to take jobs as long as it doesn’t impose health hazards. However, I know Asian countries that consider this as illegal child labor. Connecting the dots, it’s highly likely that he’s outsourcing his workforce from these countries which made the sixteen year old hiring a bit shady. Legal, but just barely and it’s somehow f*cked up ethics-wise. And yeah, kids could be brilliant fosho, but I’d still rather have an actual adult serve me instead if I’m going to avail his SMMA service. Just sayin’.

But before I completely go off with my exposé, let me just list the premise of his program. You could read my past reviews if you want a more in-depth look on what’s SMMA, but essentially, he’ll teach how to get paid by eCommerce sellers by setting up paid ads for ‘em. Focus on doing that kind of advertising and that alone, and you’re golden. The latter bit he copied from his mentor which is surprisingly Iman Gadzhi.

Time to go off now, I guess. Long story short, School of E-com is just not worth it at its very expensive price of around $5k. Like seriously, why would you pay that hefty cost when Jaime is just reading off scripts? I expected this BTW because he’s already like this, reading instead of teaching, on the program’s pitch. Not only that, the twice-a-week one-on-one calls and community membership included in the program are mediocre at best. Above all, he got a messed up refund policy that’s designed to make you ineligible for an actual refund. Just no.

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