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Jake and Gino Reviews

Jake and Gino

Jake and Gino say that they create MF entrepreneurs. Not the swear word, but MF as in multifamily. Likewise, when I say Jake and Gino, I mean Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro and their training company. If you’re confused, these two are Jake and Gino themselves AND named their company after their first names… As in they use the term “Jake and Gino” for the latter. Doin’ it like Oprah, I see. What’s with them, I’ll spill below.

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As a company, Jake and Gino provides results-based education in real estate, multifamily investments in particular. They got interactive courses, hands-on mentorship, and a supportive community of investors. And of course, you also got Jake and Gino the duo as your mentors. Now, what’s with the two that make ‘em an ideal coach?

As the two imply on their website, they’re ideal because they’re owner operators who are actually in the business (and still are). Bar is set to the depths of hell, I know, but there are just too many real estate gurus who are just faking it that being a legit investor is a plus. Not to mention the absurd number of coaches who might’ve a few experiences, but in no way extensive and updated enough to justify teaching others as “experts”.

Plus points that they both have humble beginnings, and not born with a silver spoon in their mouths too. An inspiration for all the average peeps out there that they can win in life without the need for absurd trust fund money to rig it. Not as easy as having lots of money to cushion for any hiccups along the way, but doable. They add, “if a pizza guy and drug rep can do it, we know you can too!”

That’s right, Gino’s a pizza guy while Jake’s a drug rep before. And they apparently did it, they made generational wealth through real estate investing. Multiple streams of income too with their investment company in Rand Development, a management company in Rand Property Management, a coaching company in Jake and Gino, and a syndication one in Rand Partners.

Just to clarify, I’m a bit doubtful of their “if we can do it, you can do it too” mentality. Why, it’s because we’re talking about very, very different timelines. Lucky of them that they’re able to start during the “easy” times. Definitely easier compared to today’s real estate market where even the sh*ttiest crib will cost you an arm and leg. Heck, y’all still probably need to throw in an organ or two just to buy during this time of surging housing prices. That’s how bad it is right now.

Anyway, here are the training courses provided by Jake and Gino. Starting from the cheapest, we got Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb. Cost is $49.97. Then, there’s the Deal Analyzer, an online suite of six easy-to-use deal calculators at $97. For something live and onsite, they got Multifamily Mastery Live at $497.

Jake and Gino Reviews

Affordable, right? For the ones I mentioned above, yes, they are, and they should be because they’re just basic training. Of course, there’s advanced offers that cost more. For example, they got a Mastermind Summit with Ryan Serhant where you’ll have two days of interactive workshops, speakers, deep dives and breakout sessions. The cost? A whopping $4,997. But that’s not the priciest yet since the two-year private mentorship of the duo cost $20k. Twenty f*ckin’ K.

Too pricey of a mentorship, although in fairness, I’ve seen nothing but praise for the company in general. Like, too many positive reviews and no single sh*t thrown towards ’em. There’s an affiliate and ambassador program that may result in some shills here and there, but still, seeing no negatives, no ill words whatsoever, is damn impressive.

Regardless, I’m still not recommending Jake and Gino. Not to a beginner, nevah! It’s not really on them, it’s on the business model of their choice. Even with all the mentorship in the world, I don’t think you can be safe with real estate. Every business has its risk, but real estate, including multifamily investments, is one of the riskiest especially in the current state of the housing market. There’s a reason the biggest Idaho home builder is laying off workers recently and it’s not good. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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