Local Marketing Vault By James Bonadies Reviews

Local Marketing Vault

No one has ever gotten rich just with the 9 to 5 tradition alone.

Most of the people that’s been grinding are looking for a side hustle online since it’s the most efficient and easiest way to look for one.

But scammers are all over the internet, making it harder for those who are looking for a side gig that could maybe get them out of their 9 to 5 jobs.

With this review, we will look through one of the business models that James Bonadies made, Local Marketing Vault.

It is said that this program should help you start a lead generation business and offers a variety of tips and techniques for you to be successful.

Training on the effective delivery of qualified traffic for their clients’ websites through paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and YouTube is what their program offers.

Continue reading if you want a detailed explanation of what their program offers.

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James Bonadies

James Bonadies

But first, let’s meet the founders.

As someone who got the killer work ethic from his dad, it’s only natural for James Bonadies to be all about aiming higher and achieving his goals right?

But that’s not all, he also wanted to nurture other people, he wanted to teach people about money mindset and help small businesses to score more customers.

This wouldn’t be possible without his dynamic duo in entrepreneurship, his buddy, Jason McKim.

He didn’t start as a successful entrepreneur, no. He used to be a teacher, a teacher who’s not getting the recognition he deserves.

With that said, his wife encouraged him, and he started scouring the internet in search of a legitimate business idea, something that’s high value, won’t cost much, and is scalable (come to think of it, you’re just like James!).

In 2014, James and Jason tried to venture into the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this is where they started skyrocketing.

They have built a successful digital marketing agency in just two years! A very beautiful success story that would hype you up thinking this could also be you, keep on reading as it is far from over.

As their business grew, a lot of competitors were emerging, and their move to protect their secrets from those competitors?

They started sharing their wisdom with others, and the result? It blew up big time! Their “Plug and Play” model caught on like wildfire, helping over 5,500 folks revamp their financial game.

On top of this, they even came up with the idea that’s like the ultimate shortcut to online success even for total newbies, something they call the Baby Yoda Strategy.

James and Jason have enabled individuals without prior online experience to excel in this industry just by simplifying complex concepts and providing practical strategies.

Their biggest flex? These online courses they’ve cooked up, are Local Marketing Vault and Two Page Sites.

These are what they consider the treasure troves of knowledge for anyone looking to make it big online. James and Jason are guiding everyone to grab a slice of their online business pie.

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Jason McKim

Jason McKim

Who is Jason McKim? Aside from the fact that he’s the one who assisted James Bonadies with his ventures, let us first know his challenges and how he’s capable of giving James a hand regarding their business.

He started as a financial consultant but eventually realized that it wasn’t his scene.

He has started learning SEO on the side while grinding at a law firm. As time passed, he then decided to go all in and start his gig, his own company, diving deeper and mastering the ins and outs of SEO and paid traffic.

Since 2014, Jason’s been crushing it with YouTube Ads, gaining tons of experience along the way. Bottom line?

When it comes to paid traffic and digital marketing, Jason’s the guy. His talent for in handling big budgets and scoring loads of leads sets him apart as a true pro in this industry.

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What is Local Marketing Vault?

The first time you hear about Local Marketing Vault, you’ll be hesitant and vigilant due to massive scammers online, you’ll have to investigate further to determine whether it’s legit or not.

But now you’re here, after knowing its background, and how credible the founders are, I think it’s time to give LMV the benefit of the doubt and see what it offers.

Local Marketing Vault has laid out everything in 24 modules, simplifying every complex aspect, so it could be easily digested but still packed with information enough to master lead generation.

Cost of LMV

James Bonadies

Joining Local Marketing Vault can cost you around $2000 to $3000, depending on what package you’ll be choosing.

The more you pay, the faster you can start making money because you can get more tools and bonuses. They also offer discounts for people who need financial help.

While the price might seem high, you’re getting top-notch training in return that could potentially help you start a successful business. Plus, when you succeed, you’ll make back way more than you have invested.

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Local Marketing Vault’s 24 Modules

Module 1: Introduction

James and Jason will be giving you a breakdown of what to expect from this course.

They will assist you in uncovering all the benefits of engaging in the program, offering guidance on how to enhance your knowledge and skills as you progress.

Moreover, they will provide a preview of the course structure, giving you insight into what to anticipate throughout the program.

It is said that they will share a secret on how to position yourself like a pro in front of your clients.

With proper positioning, you’ll have a feeling of empowerment for yourself, so you can gain your client’s respect and leave a lasting impression that screams expertise.

Module 2: How to Get Clients

This module is all about scoring clients. You’ll be taught how to get your targeted clients with the methods of cold calling, and cold emailing, and how to advertise your services on places such as Craigslist.

You can’t please everybody, right? So don’t expect perfection and get ready for some rejection, it’s part of the deal.

Got rejected? Don’t sweat it too much as this training’s got your back. It’s not just about giving you the right script for the right scenario, it’s about boosting your confidence too.

The trick is, “Don’t fear the no’s. Behind every “yes” is a bunch of no’s anyway. So if someone says no, it’s their loss, not yours.

You can offer potential clients a free advertising plan without strings attached. Then use what you’ve learned in the first module to blow their minds with the skills you have gained.

Simple as that, with this you can gather multiple clients in a short period.

Module 3: Vault Mindset

Jason McKim is emphasizing a crucial mindset shift for entrepreneurial success.

He advocates seeing business as a numbers game, stressing the importance of traits like consistency, persistence, and patience in achieving one’s goal.

Jason’s stance on avoiding too many backup plans is one of the most interesting aspects of his teachings, you may think otherwise but, he argues that being backed into a corner without a safety net can often lead to greater success.

Thinking that this “do or die” mentality might drive individuals to achieve their goals with unwavering determination.

His suggestion to focus on acquiring just five clients a year is one of the most important lessons learned from this module.

This seemingly little objective could, if it is achieved, result in significant revenue gains which would help to make the path towards success more achievable.

Some may initially think Jason’s approach is unconventional, but there’s a logic behind his methods.

Removing safety nets is driving individuals to have that extra push and go beyond their limits.

Basically, this module is designed to bring participant’s minds into focus for success in the online business industry.

Jason’s ideas, maybe challenging conventional thinking, are providing critical advice on how to change your approach to business.

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Module 4: Local Marketing Strategy

There is a key concept that you’ll learn in this program, it is called “Value Ladder.” Essentially it is a process of gradually selling your services to clients.

It’s the basic definition, but of course, it’s easier said than done, you also have to build trust, and you need to start by offering something of value for free.

As trust grows, you can now offer more valuable service and charge accordingly so that both you and your client can move up the said Value Ladder.

This concept is not confined to the Free Advertising Action Plan provided; several services can be set up similarly.

Understanding your client’s needs and getting them started with low-cost or low-risk offerings, then gradually leading them to more profitable options.

Module 5: Starting with The Vault Services

You will be learning about the various services you offer to your clients, which are all assigned to increase their leads, conversions, and sales, in this module.

You will explore a variety of marketing tactics that meet your client’s needs, ranging from search engine optimization to video advertising and Google My Business strategy.

In addition, you will be introduced to a powerful tool called Dashclicks, which is perfect for generating reports and streamlining outsourcing tasks.

So according to Jason McKim, simplifies Local Marketing Vault into three key categories,

“Brand” which focuses on the elements of online presence such as reviews and social media,

“Customers Now” which focuses on immediate lead generation through paid ads,

“Customer Later” includes longer-term strategies such as Search Engine Optimization.

An essential aspect covered here is the optimization of Google My Business listing as it is a critical resource for businesses wishing to appear in the Maps section on Google’s site.

In addition, video marketing has also become a flexible instrument that can be used in all three service categories and offers brand exposure, growth of social media channels as well as increased engagement with customers.

But let us not overlook the challenge many face, creating content.

This module aims to raise awareness of the importance of strategic video content, using frequently asked questions to motivate calls for action to increase engagement and conversions.

The game changer on this one is the introduction of a tool that can radically change your approach to client management and reporting.

Module 6: Learning the Vault Sales Strategy

This module won’t focus much on making money, instead, it’s about teaching you how to excel in your industry.

You will learn everything about sales, from understanding customer needs to keeping them happy so they come back.

It’s all about gaining confidence to handle customers effectively.

Module 7: Build Your Agency

In this module, you will learn everything from setting routine and pricing strategies to expanding your service offering and acquiring the necessary tools.

It reminds us that it is not easy to achieve success, but don’t worry about getting some inspiration and encouragement from course creators if you want to stay motivated.

They also claim that this module leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the legal formation of a company, smart cost-saving strategies, and detailed pricing breakdowns.

To strengthen your trust and credibility with clients, you will have to learn essential tools such as effective pricing strategies or professional practices like intake forms and business bookkeeping techniques.

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Module 8: DFY Value Ladder

This is a natural extension of the fourth module, and it familiarizes itself with the value ladder concept.

This module is said to provide tried and tested strategies from mentors James and Jason that will provide you a blueprint for replicating or adapting according to your agency’s needs.

Understanding this ladder helps in prospecting and identifying potential clients. For instance, offering free training attracts customers, then gradually introducing more services. 

Module 9: Funnel Training


This module is for creating a sales funnel website using ClickFunnels, which visually guides customers through the steps leading to purchase.

In addition, local businesses are offered special training through the Local Marketing Vault that includes access to custom industry-specific ClickFunnels Funnels and more detailed instruction.

Module 10: Mastering Funnel Automation

In this module, email autoresponders will be introduced.

This module will also demonstrate how to use them effectively for lead generation, while also covering the integration of Zapier with your funnel website and autoresponder to automate tasks like client notifications for new leads.

Module 11: Learning About Vault Software

In this module, Local Marketing Vault introduces its exclusive software tools, provided for free alongside comprehensive training upon joining the program.

One such tool is HOWDE, an automated follow-up system aimed at simplifying lead management. HOWDE automatically contacts leads from contact forms until a response is received.

Another tool, TrueReview, streamlines feedback collection from clients, automating the process of obtaining reviews.

It notifies users of negative reviews, allowing prompt resolution to maintain a positive online reputation.

These tools streamline lead management, review acquisition, and client communication, enhancing marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Module 12: Facebook Ads 101

In this module, you will dive deeper into Facebook Ads and learn how to run them effectively so you can attract the leads you need.

You may have found other Facebook Ads training somewhere else but Local Marketing Vault is offering innovative strategies and tested blueprints for different areas of marketing. 

The 3v3 approach is a method taught that stood out, where you create ad sets with different targeting metrics and quickly identify the most effective ads, is one of the most popular methods they teach.

It covers everything from the creation of a business manager to advanced techniques such as split testing and retargeting.

Local Marketing Vault claims that they want to help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your reach.

Module 13: Learning About FB Messenger Chat Bots

The Local Marketing Vault is looking at chatbots and highlighting their benefits for local businesses.

Facebook Messenger lists are more engaged than email lists because of their overwhelming 95% open rate. Chatbots, for example, can send welcome messages, provide information about services, and even answer inquiries directly.

One of the most intriguing strategies is to integrate chatbots into Facebook Ads so that users can launch sequences by clicking on a messenger link.

ManyChat emerges as a favorite tool for its user-friendly interface and visual builder, simplifying chatbot creation. 

Module 14: Google Ads/PPC Training

You will explore how to run Google Pay-Per-Click ads and master keyword search in this module, a crucial aspect for ensuring your website ranks high on search engine results page, also called SERPs and optimally utilizing your PPC budget.

The training covers three key areas: understanding proper keywords, relevance, and avoiding bidding on unnecessary terms.

The Vault’s guidance simplifies the process, making it accessible for beginners.

PPC ads, renowned for their high intent, target users actively searching for specific terms on Google.

Although it’s powerful, selecting the right keywords is crucial to avoid wasting resources.

Basic skills, such as keyword research and competitor analysis, are not the only ones covered in this training but advanced concepts like display advertising and Gmail ads are also explored.

In addition to this, effective keyword management and budget optimization are ensured by useful tips such as using the AdWords Wrapper tool.

Module 15: LMV Campaign Review

This module is packed with hour-long videos showcasing successful marketing campaigns by James, Jason, and their students.

These videos serve as both case studies for the course and practical guides for adapting their strategies. Additionally, some campaigns are created by students with guidance from James and Jason. 

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Module 16: Listen to Q&A Calls

This module can be pretty boring, but the good thing is, if you ever miss a Q&A session in the vault, you can easily catch up by watching them on their website.

The mentors of Local Marketing Vault host live Q&A calls where students can ask any question, and these sessions are available for viewing anytime.

If you happen to miss any, you can revisit them with this module.

Module 17-20: Local Marketing Vault DFY Campaigns

The Local Marketing Vault offers effective training for establishing your lead-generation business and marketing campaigns.

Alternatively, they provide ready-made campaigns if you prefer not to build your own. These pre-set campaigns cover various niches and are categorized into tiers based on complexity and profit potential.

Meanwhile, lower tiers are easier to set up but may yield lower profits, while higher tiers require more effort but offer higher returns.

Overall these campaigns streamline your business setup process, enabling you to start earning sooner without the manual work.

Module 21: LMV Tech Concierge

Your support for Local Marketing Vault is none other than the LMV Tech Concierge. They claim that they’re ready to help with any task you need, like setting up a Pixel or creating a landing page.

They’re friendly and available whenever you hit a roadblock or an obstacle in your lead generation campaign.

Module 22: Advanced Gold VIP (Full Members Only)

This module is exclusive to those who have paid the full fee upfront when they joined the course.

Here you’ll find advanced sales scripts, funnels, lead generation secrets, and more.

It’s a great reason to pay in full, as the content is highly effective and some of it is featured in the case studies from the 15th module.

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Module 23: 10K Club

Local Marketing Vault offers an enticing bonus for those members who will reach $10,000 or more in monthly sales.

As part of the $10K Club, you will gain exclusive benefits and extras designed to help you scale your business further.

It’s a valuable opportunity to enhance your earning potential.

Module 24: Partnership Program

In the 24th and final module, you can partner up with another member to strengthen, to step up your business.

If you excel in one area, and there is someone who can fill the area that you’re lacking, you can take the opportunity and form a strong business relationship with that someone.

Who knows? That business relationship that you built with someone might be beneficial for both of you in the long run.

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Final Words

For someone who wants to escape their 9 to 5 grind and reach that financial freedom that they seek, I highly recommend Local Marketing Vault.

Not only that this program founded by a knowledgeable and credible person within the industry, this program is also packed with tools that can help you attain your goals in no time.

The 24 modules that they’ve prepared are stacked with information that would help you step up your game.

James and Jason have made it easier for those who are willing to try out this business model at such a low price.

Sure $2000 to $3000 may still be a hefty amount for others, but it’s super cheap for the value of knowledge you will gain in their program and I think it’s just a fair price.

I hope that this review has enlightened you somehow regarding the Local Marketing Vault, and if you’re interested in joining, all you have to do is click the link below.

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