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Jan Smith Net Worth

Vocal coaches, I feel like, are very under-appreciated for what they do for the music industry. A lot of artists, especially singers, do still tend to hire vocal coaches to help them with their voice. Even if a singer has a very beautiful singing voice, our ears are kind of unreliable when it comes to finding the things that could be improved. Sometimes there’s a certain register for a song they want to reach. They would need a vocal coach to help them find a way to reach that while also making sure that they don’t overextend their voice.

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Some of the newer artists that I listen to regularly have vocal coaches in the studio whenever they record vocals for a new track. I do think that it’s great that they feel at ease with what those vocal coaches point out. Like I said earlier, it’s hard for us to rely on just ourselves because were are often unreliable when it comes to assessing our own skills. You will need somebody else to point out if you’re doing a good job or not.

Even though that I commend vocal coaches for the work that they do, I don’t actually know a lot of them. If you have ever been on this website before, that previous statement wouldn’t come as a surprise. I mean, not everyone is in need of a vocal coach. Primarily because they are not singers. You won’t really know many of them unless you are a friend, a relative or a client of them. But there are a lot of vocal coaches who have worked with a lot of different artists in a multitude of genres. You wouldn’t go wrong with any of their expertise.

Whenever I write about people who are musicians or those who have worked in the music industry, I sometimes notice that they often grow up being surrounded by music. Some grew up to a family that played music. But more often than not, they just listen to what’s on the radio or what kinds of records their parents had growing up. I think growing up listening to music or playing an instrument influences what we would choose as a career. Sometimes people pursue music full-time while others just do it as a way to destress from a week of work.

In the case of Jan Smith, her career in music started before she was even born. One of the things that parents do before a baby is born is listen to music. I think that doing so would influence a child’s taste in music growing up. Or listening to music from Beethoven would help their babies be smart or something. Jan’s parents spent a lot of time listening to gospel music while they were waiting for her to be born. Her parents were involved with their church’s choir so it made a lot of sense that Jan was mostly listening to gospel songs and hymns before she was introduced to the world.

She spent most of her childhood playing instruments. At 15, she managed to record her first EP. She played in a few bands and did some jingles for commercials. In college, she graduated with a degree in psychology. But she really wanted to pursue music as her career. She did become a practicing psychologist before she went on to start her professional music career. She did some solo work between being part of different bands until she formed a band that bore her name.

It wasn’t until she tried to buy a programming machine that lead to her career path now. The owner of a local store suggest that he talk to the owner of a rock-and-roll guitar school if she could buy a used one off him. The owner of the school asked her if she could help out one of his clients knowing that she was a professional singer. Soon enough, she was helping out this person save his voice for $65 a month. That lead her to get more clients.

Eventually, Jan Smith started getting major clients. One of the people that she helped during the early part of career somehow became a record producer before becoming the president of a major label. He recommend her expertise to one of the label’s artists. Soon after, her list of clients has blown up. It’s no wonder that she has a net worth of $20,000,000.

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