Jaryd Krause Review (Buying Online Businesses)

Buying Online Businesses

Jaryd Krause chose a bold headline for the site of his Buying Online Businesses program. The said headline mentions a worrying statistic. That is, ninety percent of startups fail. The boldness? It’s on his assurance of you being part of the successful ten percent with his help. Which begs the question, how would they make you skip the statistically imminent failure? Can they actually deliver on their promise? Find out in my review down below.

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“Changing lives, one website at a time.” That’s the featured quote of Jaryd on his site that already hints at the business model he’s suggesting here. I get it, but a lot of you probably don’t. And it’s okay, don’t feel bad, because, well, it’s not an everyday thing to hear a promise of a life-changing experience with a website. Also, t’is the reason why you’re probably here, so I wouldn’t mind if you know nothing… just like Jon Snow (are GoT reference still relevant?).

But hey, I love suspense. That’s why I would like you to take a guess and try to decode the said hint before I spill it. Trust me, it’s easy to get it right if you don’t overthink about it. For the meantime, let me do a quick note on Jaryd. Like, who is he? Is there anything about him worth mentioning besides being the founder of Buying Online Businesses?

Well, upon checking his about me page, the first thing that caught my eye is him admitting that he has no sob story nor no rags to riches narrative to tell. A slight deviation from the typical guru script not until his claims of hustling hard, but in the wrong direction. Y’know, the usual “I tried this, I tried that, but it’s not the right biz for me” thing. And oh, the lowkey suggestion to sign up for his program by crediting the seminars and courses he attended to his success. Yawn.

So, yeah, that’s what I get plus all the buzzwords for lifestyle baiting like “leave the 9-5 grind”, “escape the rat race”, among others. Not too much on the credibility front, maybe besides his podcast that shares its name with the program. Still, it made me think that he just lucked out at the start.

Not liking the vibes of Jaryd so far. I mean, I would never be fond of mentors with stories that’s too guru-fied. My reaction would differ if it comes off as authentic, but no. Enough of him and his antics, though. Let me finally reveal the business model he’s pushing here. If you’ve guessed buying established websites and online businesses, then you’re spot on.

Looking back, it’s not only the tagline that’s giving a not-so-subtle hint, but also the program’s name too. Told you t’was easy to guess if you don’t overthink and take his words literally. But hey, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t get it right because, well, it’s an unusual biz compared to real estate, Amazon FBA, and the likes. Who would’ve thought that you can earn money and lots of it from buying websites, right?

Well, you can, says Jaryd. His line of thinking is this: If ninety percent of startups fail, then why not just buy an existing one? You don’t technically “start” a new biz from doing the latter, so it must be enough to circumvent the cherry-picked stat, yeah? I would say yes, but the way he argues about it is kinda flawed.

Jaryd Krause Review

Sure, the traditional business acquisition has a higher success rate, but why compare it to startups? Is it even equivalent to just buying websites? Also, get your priorities straight, dude. Show us why you got what it takes to teach the thang and not dwell on some pretty irrelevant narrative. Don’t talk about the promise, talk about how you’ll deliver on it.

Regardless, I don’t think it’ll be wise of me to recommend such a risky biz to y’all. This is not for broke bitches nor newbies, I’m afraid to say. Aside from its complexity, you need to have lotta cash to satisfy the huge capital requirement to get started here. Heck, even the price of Jaryd’s Buying Online Businesses is too much for my liking. I’m talking about Buying Online Businesses’ Inner Circle that cost around $2k.

With that being said, I’m not recommending Jaryd and his Buying Online Businesses program. Not when he’s done a poor job of convincing me that he’s THE dude when it comes to buying websites. To add, let’s say you bought a website, but how would you fare with the managing part that follows? Maybe you could, but the odds will definitely be against your favor.

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