Digital Agency Training Review (Jason Wardrop)

Jason Wardrop

Jason Wardrop has posted yet another video in his YouTube channel that links to his Digital Agency Training. This time, it’s a step-by-step walkthrough about starting a digital marketing agency. He’ll also show how to deal with clients as a response to a comment saying that the details on that fell through the cracks somehow. I’ll spill what he said plus my thoughts on his Digital Agency Training down below.

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He started the ball rolling with an overview of his very own Arsenal Marketing software. No surprises since the video is also an advertisement to one of his paid programs I mentioned earlier, Digital Agency Training (duh). But, yeah, he could’ve done this in a more subtle manner. I’m quite fortunate that I’m watching him for the sake of reviewing him and his program, but I can’t say the same to the typical viewers. They want legit useful marketing tips for free, not some fluff.

Whatever. It is what it is. For now, let’s move on with what he said next which is about Google online reviews. And I agree with him when he mentioned that the said platform is what most people look at when finding an appropriate biz for them that’s within their ‘hood. Electrician, plumber, chiropractor, massage therapist, you name it.

In relation to his marketing software, you’ll collect your client’s credentials, their Google My Business account in particular, and log it in. The said account is the first necessary thing in hooking up with Google online reviews anyway. Then, you let the Arsenal software do its magic. With a click of a button, it’ll generate a link for leaving a Google online review on your client’s biz. Easy as one-two-three and also hassle-free.

Of course, what’s the use of a link to review a biz when no one’s filling it up. The next logical move would be sending out review requests. His software also has that automated. Instead of writing emails and pasting the link on it over and over, all you have to do is input the name and the email address or phone number, whatever is appropriate of the two, of the person you want your review requests sent to. Hit send and done.

After explaining the basic setup on Google online reviews, Jason mentioned the importance of a unified inbox. In this digital age, there are lots of ways to communicate and so there would be an expected variety on how customers contact your customer. Could be through Facebook, SMS,email, Instagram, voicemail, or anything else. Doesn’t matter where it is from when you have one place, the unified inbox, to collect ‘em all. The promise is about not missing a customer’s message and in turn, not missing out on potential sales again.

The rest is just him talking about the other features of his Arsenal software. So, in summary, this is more of a step-by-step walkthrough to his thang. NGL, I’m expecting some turnaround from him prefacing the video with an overview of his software. Naive of me for sticking around until the end and waiting for that redeeming moment to happen. It didn’t happen, of course.

Digital Agency Training Review

Don’t get me wrong, what he’s showing is not necessarily bad. They’re legit QoL features, albeit not some unique innovation like Jason’s portraying. And yeah, they’re only useful to someone interested in his software which is probably only a minority of those who viewed the video. Like c’mon, present something that’s doable without your thang just like what the video title implies.

The video ain’t that good and so is his Digital Agency Training. Just like the SWAS Agency that I reviewed recently, every program by Jason is riddled with hidden costs. It’s even worse than the former, IMHO. Besides the subscription costs that are never mentioned before you sign up, there are also multiple instances of instant card charges despite being advertised as a free three-month trial. What I can say, can’t name a more iconic duo than Jason and not having a clue on what giving something for free actually means.

Good luck trying to reach out to his customer service too. Like seriously, only communicating through email should be an obvious red flag. No phone numbers given at all. Prepared to either be ghosted or get slow replies like they’re sending it via old school telegram or sum sh*t. Only adds insult to the injury when all of this f*ckery happens via email. That plus the subpar training, non-working software features, and sh*tty generated leads only points to me not recommending Digital Agency Training that costs $1,000.

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